Improve your English Speaking Skills

6 Ways to Improve your English Speaking Skills

Speaking in English is very difficult to many even though they have mastered numerous vocabulary and also strong grammar skills. In this article, you will see the 6 ways to improve your English speaking skills. IELTS Classes in Chennai states that many students approach them with the need of improving their English speaking.

Slow Down

The pace of which one speaks or communicates is very important in any given situation. The speed of your speech decides the clarity of the content that you are conveying. You need to pay attention to the pace of your speech. You should not go extremely slow or extreme fast. If you talk in a slow pace the people who are listening to you might the content to be boring. And if you talk about a faster speed people might not understand you. In both the cases, the communication becomes ineffective. You should not hesitate to speak. You should speak confidently even if you commit mistakes.

Thought Process

The thought process is very much crucial when communicating in the language of English. You should try to analyze what you are going to speak before letting out. This helps you to bring quality in the content that you speak. People prefer to listen to content that is well thought and useful to them in multiple ways. Thinking also helps you to see and feel what you are actually letting out as words. It helps you to rectify the mistakes, either grammatical or vocabulary, in the message that you are speaking. There is a chance that positivity gets inhibited into the content that you want to speak. If you find it difficult to find time in between your speech to think on a topic, you can use certain fixed phrases or fixed questions that you can repeat in your sentence which can give a considerably high amount of time to think. Some examples of such phrases are ‘Let me think for a moment’. Spoken English Course in Chennai has huge demand because it includes training for speaking in English.

Learn Sentences

While speaking in the language of English, you will have to take care of the sentences that you use. You will have to learn new words in order to speak fluently and with a style. Using new words will make a nice impression in the mind of people listening to you. But learning new words alone won’t help. You will have to learn where to use these words in order to make meaningful sentences.

Learn by Listening

Listening is one good tool to improve your speaking. Speaking is through an activity from your side, you can also learn by listening to others.


One should never hesitate to ask questions while speaking to someone. Asking questions is a vital part of English speaking and will make your communication healthier. It has certain other benefits also. If you don’t ask questions it might imply that only there is one side speaking.


The best way to produce a language is to actually by practicing it. Only when you find people and interact with them in the language of English you will be able to master it.

Speaking in English becomes important in many stages of life. These tips will help you to gain utmost knowledge on the best ways in which you can improve your English speaking skills. Such ideas and information can be gained even from the TOEFL Coaching Centres in Chennai.