Time Management

Skills for Effective Time Management

Time management is an essential skill that has to be present in any professional. These are some of the skills for effective time management that has to be developed within everyone.Spoken English Training in Chennai will also teach you to manage time in the most efficient method.Goal Setting

Goal Setting

One cannot manage time but only manage how you use the time. The way you use your time should be based on an efficient and effective goal setting. The best factor of time management is managing your time in a way which supports and guides your goals. You should see how each time factor takes you closer to your goal. One should know to fix and set priority to different segments of their goal.


This is one confusing area while managing time. One should know to assign time for different activities based on priorities. One should arrange tasks in such a way that the most important activities come first and so on. Many people do the mistake of starting off late for the process of prioritization. The main aim of prioritization should be to find out tasks that have to be avoided or those which should not be done. When you get the process of prioritization right, the whole process of time management improves well.


Each person is different. Every person might have their own comfortable time to work on something. You should be aware of this and manage your time in such a way that it doesn’t affect the time and work of your colleagues.


This is something that is very difficult to bring into work. Whatever task or activity you do, there might something to distract you or to grab your attention. When you focus on something, it helps you to complete the task on time and proceed to the next one. This is one factor that decides the fate of your schedule and time management. The better you focus in your IELTS Classes in Chennai, the better will be the results.

Decision Making

Time management involves a lot of decision making. When you start planning for your time, you will have to decide on a lot of factors. And you will have to come to a final decision. One needs to take care that his/her decisions won’t affect other’s activities in a negative manner.


Planning is when you have to guess on different factors and coordinate the time plan for different tasks. When you plan something there are a lot of factors that affect your plan such as the time required, resources required, availability of resources, budget etc. There is more necessity for in-depth planning to manage time effectively and efficiently.


When you outsource something which your organization doesn’t have, you need to take care of few aspects. You should be well aware of the outsourced content in order manage your time in the best possible way. You should make sure each and every person in the work is aware of the time limit in which the project has to be completed. TOEFL Coaching Centres in Chennai can give you more inputs on how to outsource and manage work well.


This is something that can cover up even if you commit certain mistakes. One should have the capability to cope with what has happened and deliver the required results on time.


The better you manage your stress, the more time you get to work effectively. So try to get out of stress as fast as possible and use that time to complete that work.

Record Keeping

Record keeping helps you to refer past information instantly whenever it is necessary. If you have a detailed record keeping method, it will be more easy to arrange activities and manage time.

There are a lot of factors that decide on how well time has been managed. Learning a language can also sometimes teach you to manage time and for this, you can take up German Course in Chennai.

Ways To Accept Mistakes While Learning A New Language

Ways To Accept Mistakes While Learning A New Language

When you learn something new, it is obvious that anyone will tend to commit mistakes. One should have the willingness to overcome these mistakes with confidence and gain command over the language. Below are some ways to accept mistakes while learning a new language. English Coaching Classes in Chennai has the best training for spoken English.

Learn From Mistakes

This is the first and the best advice to accept your mistake while learning a new language. There is a famous proverb ‘Mistakes are the secret of successes’. This is actually true. When you understand and correct the mistakes you made, you will be able to realize where exactly you are going wrong. Start the learning process from your own mistakes. It is the best way to start off. Generally, we tend to commit mistakes either when we don’t know something or when we forget something. Everything is rectifiable through practice and training. Learn the things that you don’t know. Make sure each aspect of what you don’t is covered and is known to you. And if you are forgetting things then the only way to remember them is practice. Regular practicing and recollecting what you learned before will bring you out of this issue.

Do It Gradually

Patience is what is necessary. Nothing will happen overnight. You should try to learn things gradually. One cannot gain anything or benefit by hurrying up. You need not worry about doing it slowly. You are just in the learning process. You can take your time and gain a good command over the language. When you hurry, you tend to lose details or the minute aspects of the language that can be of high importance. Take your learning process in a step-by-step manner. Finish one part or aspect of the language and then go onto the next one. Give your time to learn well about each part of the language. It can be vocabulary, pronunciation or many other factors.

Have Confidence

Right from the beginning till the end of the learning process, you should trust yourself. You are the best source of motivation for yourself. No one else can create that much impact. When you trust yourself and do things, miracles happen. Even if you commit mistakes you should have the trust and confidence that you will perform well. Never lose your confidence even if you commit mistakes. Just remember that if you are committing mistakes, it means that you are learning something. When joining for English Classes in Chennai, your confidence will be automatically boosted.

Cut Off Ego

When you cut off your ego, you are open to thousands of doors to learn and gain knowledge in a new language. One should not feel bad to ask doubts or accept mistakes. If you hold on to your ego and never accept mistakes, then it is sure that you might not learn anything. Regardless of the age or nativity of your tutor or the people who speak the language you intend to learn, if you drop your ego and learn things from them, then it is confirmed that you are in the best path to learn a new language.

Never Compare

Everyone in this world is different. There are no people with the exact same set of skills. You should understand that you can be lesser in knowledge when compared to another person or another learner. You should never compare yourself with others. There can be some unknown reasons for that person to perform better than you in the new language. He might have started the learning process much before you did. So it is foolishness to compare yourself with another person. You should never feel bad that the other person is performing better than you. You should just accept the fact that you are lacking some skills and also be ready to learn from that person.

When people start to accept their mistakes, their brain opens up to learn more things. If you are ready to accept your mistakes and learn from the Best Spoken English Classes in Chennai, then you can surely excel in the language you want to learn.

Active and passive vocabulary in language learning

Active and Passive Vocabulary in Language Learning

When we talk about vocabulary, it doesn’t just restrict itself to word meanings but also has two factors which are Active vocabulary and Passive vocabulary. Passive vocabulary includes those words that learners understand but don’t use. Active vocabulary is those words that learners understand and use in their daily life for writing and speaking. This article will talk on the active and passive vocabulary in language learning. And this is also useful for German Training in Chennai.

There is a common doubt that when learning a language if, developing the ability to speak or understanding the language is more important. The answer is simple here. Understanding the language comes first. Without understanding a language and knowing about the nuances of it, it is very difficult to gain fluency in that language. The place where you are going to put the language to use is going to be where there are better speakers present. These speakers will have a much better vocabulary. In such a situation, you should have a better understanding of the language than good speech abilities. If you look keenly, we tend to listen more than writing or speaking in any language we use. We use a language to understand what people interact with us.

What is more important is the way you acquire knowledge on a language. Pushing some information won’t work out. Understanding is crucial to language that too in the learning process. When we enjoy and learn things, we tend to understand things easier and retain it for a longer time. A combination of listening and reading for some time and a little bit of speaking is sure to provide you with the confidence to use the language. This is because those are information built on a foundation of a large passive vocabulary. Just knowing a few words won’t help you in mastering a language. Passive vocabulary can also help you in training for IELTS Classes in Chennai.

The main advantage of passive vocabulary is that even if you don’t know words and stumble while speaking, it will guide and help you to understand what the person opposite you is speaking and act accordingly. In this way, you get more time to think and use some of your passive vocabularies. When you understand what a person is talking you tend to store it in your mind and use it sometime later. One can actually learn a lot just by listening and reading. The more you try to speak more vocabulary will be added to your passive vocabulary. When you are in the beginning stage of learning a new language, you should listen to the same content repeatedly. This is because first few times you won’t even know what exactly it means or where each word begins and end in each sentence.

When your brain gets used to the language, it will be ready to accept more information or content on the language. Many people fail in language learning because they know words but don’t understand what the language means. Such in-depth training for language can be obtained through English Coaching Classes in Chennai.

Importance of Reading and Writing for Career

Importance of Reading and Writing for Career

Reading and listening are two powerful elements of a language. These elements have to be strong in order to survive in the current economy which has so much demand for content and communication. Researchers have proved that reading and writing play an important role in the development of children. There is no guarantee that every educated person will get a job. There are researchers and statistics that show that the degree of literacy of a person can decide if he/she gets a job. More than educational qualifications, these two factors might play a major role in deciding a person’s employment. Basic skills like knowing to read and write well will help companies to decide on how well you will mingle into their company setup and also the general society. Even if you consider technical jobs, don’t think that just technical knowledge can take you places. The importance of reading and writing for a career is really high. To deal with and organize technical content you need to have tremendous reading skills so that you are capable of understanding the technical content. Even if you look into the syllabus of IELTS Course in Chennai, it will have high importance for reading and writing.

Listening and reading are very closely connected. People who don’t read well also have an issue in understanding sounds to a certain level. When you understand that improving reading and writing skills means improving vocabulary skills, it indicates that you are aware of what to learn and how to learn. One should be willing to sacrifice anything in the process of learning. it can mean sacrificing the time for play or the time with family. Many well-educated people do poor jobs. Also, there are cases where uneducated people hold really good jobs. There are people who have bad reading abilities and still hold some of the best positions in an organization and do really well in what they are good at, being at high managerial positions.

Good writing skills are crucial at every stage of career. Right from writing your cover letter and resume to writing your resignation letter, each and every situation demands good writing skills, regardless of the field of work. Writing becomes for crucial for administrative professionals who have to deal with a lot of written communication on regular basis. Surveys have shown that better writing skills can take you up your career ladder. Good writing and reading skills are known to bring promotions. Make sure you look into factors like spelling, grammar, and punctuation. TOEFL Training in Chennai stresses upon the importance of writing and the examination has a separate writing section.

Better reading and writing skills are known to improve vocabulary skills which ultimately will broaden your knowledge. At every stage of life, we are advised on the importance of reading and writing. But we ignore them. Getting trained and certified from a well reputed Spoken English Training Institute in Chennai can assure the best results. There might be many institutes that offer training but what is important is the quality and the effectiveness of teaching.

Language Training

6 Ways Language Training can Make you Earn Money

Language is something that connects people. Language is spoken for both formal and informal purposes. When you undergo language training at French Classes in Chennai, you need not just practice but use it to earn money. Below are the 6 ways language training can make you earn money.


This is one simple yet the best way to earn with your language training. Not only language but any knowledge when shared is sure to grow. You can start teaching people the new language that you have learned and earn through it. You can also try using various online platforms to teach the language you have learned. This can also save your time. Using online tools like Wyzant and Verbling can you reach a number of people looking to learn a language.


Content writing is of demand always and for all languages. There are various platforms both in the real world and online. All these platforms will have a high requirement for articles and various other content. You can become a freelance content writer and write for a variety of clients. If your content is good then surely you can earn high.


You can start off an app and use your language skills in that app. When you decide to use an app as a tool to earn money, you have a lot of varieties to choose from. But whatever you choose you should make sure that language is the first priority. The app can be game based, puzzle based, direct information type. Apps are considered to be the future of portable informative services. You can impart knowledge on a new language easily from your place. And if your content is good, even learners will decide to use your app on the go. Institutes use apps to give information on German Course in Chennai.


Businesses are being carried out across international borders. Each country has its own culture and language. When business happens across different countries there is a need to understand and interpret the language spoken by the members of client organization from a different language background. In such cases, there is a need for translators who are well versed in the concerned language. You can translate oral or written content in a foreign language to a language demanded by your client. Many companies look for freelance translators who can work for them just when they are required. You can also work on book translations where famous books from a different language is translated to a common language like English.


You can create your own language training content and sell it. Training institutes and companies looking for training content to train their students and workers are sure to buy your product if it is really good. But the fact is that it should be totally original and a complete work of yours.


Try creating tutorial videos for training people in a new language. If your videos get viewed by many you can start earning through YouTube ads.

These methods are sure to earn you great money. Make the best out of it and improve your knowledge as well. To learn and earn more join for English Coaching Classes in Chennai.

Learning New Language

Apps for Learning a New Language

Learning a new language is not an easy task. Though there are a lot of sources to learn a new language, it is not an easy task to choose the best one. The reason for learning a new language may differ from person to person. One might learn a new language for abroad migration or studies while one might learn a new language for business purposes. Language has been of immense importance among many people. Learning a new language becomes a little easier when the content is well structured and available in a well-designed series. Though joining for French Course in Chennai is the best option to learn a new language, you can also try using the technology to the best. One such way of using technology to learn a new language is through APPS. When technology has become so handy that it has reached our fingertips, we should use it to the best to learn things. There are a variety of apps that can help you in learning a new language. Let us look at some of the best apps for learning a new language.


Duolingo is a free app. It can guide you in learning about 17 new languages. It is basically a game-based learning method which provides a fun and engaging environment to learn. It also allows you to use the features along with your friends. This proves helpful in knowing the competitiveness between you and your friends. Duolingo offers a very entertaining and memorable exercise while learning a new language. It gives you some really strange and weird sentences and asks you to translate it. This is surely a helpful technique while you are learning a new language.


As the name suggests, the app consists of numerous words and phrases. It contains about 800 words and phrases in a wide variety of languages like Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish, French, and German. The phrasebook is basically designed for people who travel and those who need help in their day to day situations in a different country.


Busuu is a widespread app which is used by about 50 million people around the world. The lessons of Busuu are based on 150 everyday topics. And the most highlight feature of Busuu is that you get instant feedback from native speakers of the language that you chose. Through Spoken English Classes in Chennai, you can also gain knowledge about various foreign languages.


Babbel is actually not one app but a collection of apps. It lets you learn a new language in different environments or settings. You can use this app on multiple devices as it is synchronized in that way. You can use it on the go on your mobile phone and continue your learning on your desktop when you are back at home.


Memrise helps you to learn over 200 languages and courses. It is a free app and uses a visual-based teaching technique. It is suitable for those who are learning through visual concepts and exercises.


Brainscape is a much wider app. This is because it is useful to learn any course or concept. It is not restricted to just languages but also topic based courses like psychology, history, music theory and much more. Customizations make way for more number of courses. The users can create their own course and course content. The courses in the app use a collection of adaptive flashcards that make it more interactive.

These apps are known to be interactive and provide ample guidance in learning a new language. But you should make sure to concentrate well as the devices in which you use these apps are distractive. If you give your concentration and dedication, then you are sure to benefit the best out of it. To learn new languages like French and German join German Training in Chennai.


Tips To Boost Your Productivity At Workplace

Tips to Boost your Productivity at Workplace

Work is one stage in which we spent most of our life. We need to put on our best to shine and achieve the best in our career. Productivity is what is necessary at a workplace. Productivity has to be at the right level to provide for what the company wants from us. Productivity is the usage of right resources effectively and efficiently to deliver what is necessary. If an employee is not producing it will affect the company’s performance and it might feel that there is no use of hiring that employee. To know about tips to boost your productivity at the workplace you can read through this article and also join for Spoken English Classes in Chennai.


You will have to make your morning time perfect in order to make your day the best because it is the start of the day. The activities that you do in that time will have an effect on all the activities you do that day. One should take steps to prepare his/her body for the day’s tasks. You can do yoga, exercise, play games or meditate. This time is for you and only you so utilize it to the best to prepare yourself and provide your body and mind what it requires. Take this time to eat a nice and healthy breakfast.


An email is an important form of communication in the business world. Major initial procedures and intimations are made through email. It is necessary to have proper email writing skills. If an employee doesn’t have proper email writing skills or know it will lead to huge problems in the relationship between the company and the stakeholders. There are certain email etiquettes that one should follow while writing emails on a professional basis. You are taught about email writing in IELTS Coaching in Chennai.


Many people believe that multitasking is a skill. They feel proud in adding the statement that they are good at multitasking. This is actually not true. A major research has proved that multitasking has reduced one’s IQ level. The research showed that multitasking can reduce productivity by 40%. Multitasking is not an efficient way of handling tasks. It is better to concentrate on one task at a time.


Time is very precious. In a business meeting, so much of time is wasted. Scheduling for a business meeting is very crucial. If a meeting is planned, it should start and end at the decided time. You should be aware that business meetings can drag on for a very long time.


Breaks are necessary to give your brain some relaxation. If you put yourself to continuous work it might affect your productivity. You need to give rest to both your physical and mental state.

We have to make sure that productivity is present in everyone in an organization. Productivity is actually a combination of many attributes.  You can refer the above points to know more. With many institutes offering TOEFL Training in Chennai, you can learn a lot more tips like these.

Elements of a Good Written Content

Elements of a Good Written Content

Content is what drives the business world. It keeps the world engaged with what the online users are looking for. An ideal content will not only enlighten the readers on the concerned content but also give them a pleasant feeling while reading the article. An article needs to be perfect in all ways to provide what is necessary. The readers for online content have increased drastically over the years. People are looking for content that is more interactive with appropriate information. If you want to secure a job in this modern world you need to have good writing skills. This directly connects to the importance or necessity of communication. Training for improving writing skills is available in all IELTS Coaching Centre in Chennai. The elements of a well-written content are:


Grammar is the primary concern in any content. The first requirement when you write a content or article is that it should be free of errors. All other factors come later. Only when your content is error free it will be easy for the readers to read your article. Grammar is the main area where many commit mistakes. You need to have strong grammar skills to write content without errors. Grammar is the most confusing part of English. Writing is not as easy as speaking in regards to grammar. While you speak your grammar is less noticed. But when you write something there is a product that anyone can see with their eyes. So you need to be more careful while writing.


Punctuation is another important aspect of writing that can change the tone of the content if wrongly applied. Punctuation gives any article a voice or tone. One should know where to apply what. Right punctuation at the right place will make it easy for the readers to understand the content and its flow. The way each line of a content is read depends upon punctuation.


Creativity takes an article to the next level. It improves the experience that the readers gain from reading the article. Creativity means writing innovatively and aesthetically. The writer needs have a creative thinking in order to write creative content. If you write a content creatively, readers will be impressed as it will offer them something different. The importance of creativity is what is stressed upon even in the Best Spoken English Class in Chennai.


Vocabulary is another crucial part of writing content. Usage of new words attracts the attention of readers easily. Usage of unique and new words will give a variety in the content and imply on the explorative attitude of the writer. An article will get a style only when it has used certain unusual or new words. To know more on how to improve and practice vocabulary, refer our ‘Vocabulary Practice Tips’ article.


A content should be unique in all manners. It should not be copied from some other article or content. One should make sure that his/her content is unique and free of plagiarism. People prefer to read content that is unique and new.

The above points tell what necessary attributes of a good content are. The combination of these elements makes a content attractive and improve our writing skills. Writing skills are essential to anyone regardless of their profession. This is due to the demand for communication, both in India and abroad. When you join for a TOEFL Course in Chennai, you will not only learn to speak English but also write in English.

Body Language Mistakes to Avoid

Body Language Mistakes to Avoid

Many fail to understand the importance of body language. Body language plays a vital role in creating impressions in the mind of people around you. Body language mistakes are mostly committed unconsciously or unknowingly. These mistakes are committed in situations where one wants to control the pressure within him/her so that it is not openly visible to people near him/her. But this is not right and if continued will put a bad impression on the concerned person. To gain a high reputation from your peers and superiors in your professional world, you need to avoid these mistakes.  This article will tell you about the body language mistakes to be avoided. Also what you can see in an IELTS Coaching Centre in Chennai is also the training for the betterment of one’s body language.

Crossed Arms

Crossing your arms is really a big body language mistake that many commits. This is something that gets noticed very easily. It is seen as a defensive body language and gives the thought that you are being resistant. It might convey that you are not enthusiastic or sure in the content that you are speaking. It brings a kind of distance between the speaker and the listeners.

Hand Movements

When you interact or present something in front many people you tend to make hand movements knowingly or unknowingly. Many speakers make hand gestures and movements that can cause a hindrance to the concentration of the audience. It is necessary to avoid any hand movements or gestures so that people don’t feel disconnected with the speaker. Some of the hand movements and gestures that should be avoided include keeping your hands in your pockets, clasping your hands, fidgeting or even hiding your hands behind your back. All these can convey a sort of disrespect towards your audience which is not appropriate.

Avoiding Eye Contact

Many speakers fail to give thought to this vital body language while speaking or interacting. The eye is the ultimate doorway to a person’s mind and thoughts. We can easily analyze a person just by looking at his eyes. We can understand what state of mind he is in and the exact enthusiasm he has in interacting. It is very much crucial to maintaining eye contact with the audience so that you stay connected. The audience looks for some kind of interaction. One should never try to avoid eye contact and if you do so people might feel that you are not interested in talking. If you look at the content of the TOEFL Preparation Course, it will be mentioned that eye contact helps to improve a person’s interactivity.

Weak Handshakes

The first impression is the best impression. This proverb is actually very connected to the body language of handshaking. When you first meet a person you should not create a boring or lazy impression on yourself. Giving a firm and confident hand shake is quite important to state that you are enthusiastic and that you are up for something very interesting.

It is not only what you present but also how you present it that gives you an everlasting impression. The world is running for something that is more interesting not only on the inside but also on the outside. You need to make sure that you don’t commit any mistakes in your body language. Also, you need to prepare yourself with the best body language techniques from the Best Spoken English Class in Chennai.


Improve your English Speaking Skills

6 Ways to Improve your English Speaking Skills

Speaking in English is very difficult to many even though they have mastered numerous vocabulary and also strong grammar skills. In this article, you will see the 6 ways to improve your English speaking skills. IELTS Classes in Chennai states that many students approach them with the need of improving their English speaking.

Slow Down

The pace of which one speaks or communicates is very important in any given situation. The speed of your speech decides the clarity of the content that you are conveying. You need to pay attention to the pace of your speech. You should not go extremely slow or extreme fast. If you talk in a slow pace the people who are listening to you might the content to be boring. And if you talk about a faster speed people might not understand you. In both the cases, the communication becomes ineffective. You should not hesitate to speak. You should speak confidently even if you commit mistakes.

Thought Process

The thought process is very much crucial when communicating in the language of English. You should try to analyze what you are going to speak before letting out. This helps you to bring quality in the content that you speak. People prefer to listen to content that is well thought and useful to them in multiple ways. Thinking also helps you to see and feel what you are actually letting out as words. It helps you to rectify the mistakes, either grammatical or vocabulary, in the message that you are speaking. There is a chance that positivity gets inhibited into the content that you want to speak. If you find it difficult to find time in between your speech to think on a topic, you can use certain fixed phrases or fixed questions that you can repeat in your sentence which can give a considerably high amount of time to think. Some examples of such phrases are ‘Let me think for a moment’. Spoken English Course in Chennai has huge demand because it includes training for speaking in English.

Learn Sentences

While speaking in the language of English, you will have to take care of the sentences that you use. You will have to learn new words in order to speak fluently and with a style. Using new words will make a nice impression in the mind of people listening to you. But learning new words alone won’t help. You will have to learn where to use these words in order to make meaningful sentences.

Learn by Listening

Listening is one good tool to improve your speaking. Speaking is through an activity from your side, you can also learn by listening to others.


One should never hesitate to ask questions while speaking to someone. Asking questions is a vital part of English speaking and will make your communication healthier. It has certain other benefits also. If you don’t ask questions it might imply that only there is one side speaking.


The best way to produce a language is to actually by practicing it. Only when you find people and interact with them in the language of English you will be able to master it.

Speaking in English becomes important in many stages of life. These tips will help you to gain utmost knowledge on the best ways in which you can improve your English speaking skills. Such ideas and information can be gained even from the TOEFL Coaching Centres in Chennai.