Vocabulary with Sports For IELTS

Vocabulary with Sports For IELTS

Sports have become a necessity of today’s life. The fast moving life of current generation has no time for exercise or to keep them fit. Quite lately many have realized this and have started giving importance to fitness. People have started to form groups and communities to workout together. There are also various forums where people discuss exercising and workout. Sport is a trending topic for discussions. There are also various job opportunities in the sports field. One has to be sure of these sports based terms. Also in IELTS which is an important test for people planning to pursue studies in abroad or planning to work in abroad, people will have to learn about vocabulary based on different topics. One such topic is sports. In this article, you will learn about few vocabulary relating to the field of sports for IELTS. If you choose some in-depth Spoken English Class in Chennai you can lot more about it.

Below are few vocabulary with sports for IELTS

BARBELL: Barbell is basically weight lifting equipment. It is used for exercising and body building.

Athletics Track: it is a running track where running events are conducted.

Blow the competition away: this expression is used when one wants to tell a person to win a competition with ease.

Active rest: active rest is a leisure time during which one exercise.

Brisk walk: a brisk walk is a sports event in which participants walk fast. But it is not as fast as a run.

Personal best: the word personal best is used when achievement is made in a sport that is better than anything the concerned person has achieved before.

Strenuous exercise: it is that kind of exercise that requires a lot of physical activity.

That’s the way the ball bounces: it is an expression used to indicate that things don’t go as planned and that one cannot do anything about it.

To be out of condition: to be out of condition means that a person is in bad health or has lost strength.

To be saved by the bell: to be saved by the bell represents an expression where one has been saved by a timely interruption.

TOEFL Coaching in Chennai has vocabulary based on sports in it.

While in an IELTS exam you might have to face a lot of questions based on sports. Some of those questions are:

  1. Do you watch sports on TV?
  2. Do you do any sport?
  3. What is the most popular sport in your country?
  4. Describe your favorite sport?

Sports being an essential segment of many people have so much involvement in many places. The above points show how sports vocabulary plays an important role in IELTS exam. To gain more information on such vocabulary you need to join IELTS Coaching in Chennai.


TIPS Vocabulary Practice Tips

Vocabulary Practice Tips

Vocabulary is something that is in usage in our daily life. Vocabulary helps us to bring variety and diversity in what we speak or write. It is something that is essential for our expression of messages. Vocabulary is of utmost importance for content related people and business people who have a lot to communicate. Companies prefer people who communicate in a style that suits the commercial world. They pay keen attention to even the choice of words that the people use while in an interview. Vocabulary doesn’t mean just knowing new words but also understanding its meaning and knowing where to use it. If you use usual words while talking or writing your communication or message might seem to be boring or ineffective. There are different ways in which one can gain knowledge in new words and use it in his/her day to day life. People in a metro city like Chennai have understood that Spoken English Classes in Chennai is of utmost importance. Below are some vocabulary practice tips for you.

Learn in Group

While learning a new word, try to learn it along with a set of words that associate with it or travel with it. This will help you to understand its meaning and also its usage. If you blindly learn just words, you might find it difficult to use it in the right place. You can come up with new words and use it in your daily life.


Reading is really a very useful exercise to learn new words and to add words to your vocabulary. One can read anything they want. But the main aspect of this exercise is that one should also learn the meaning of a word once he/she has learned or memorized that new word. You should make sure to reach out to a wide variety of content. TOEFL Coaching in Chennai has more exercises for reading.

Little is Good

Learn new words but do it in small portions. Don’t try to stuff your brain with so many words that you ultimately forget them. Learning should be done in small quantities. Learn few words today and few the next and continue this chain to gradually build your vocabulary.


Learn a word along with its meaning. Context is very important while learning a new word. Context is actually the meaning along with where exactly it can be used. Indicating context is best possible through forming sentences.

Words are what that helps you to form sentences and communicate people through different forms of medium.  In such a case vocabulary has priority more than anything. When you interact in an interview, interviewers will surely notice your style and vocabulary. To know more about vocabulary, join IELTS Coaching in Chennai.


Handle Situations Happily With English Skills

Handle Situations Happily With English Skills

English is a language that is prominent in various walks of life. It has seen so many changes and also witnessed importance at various places. It is known to be a professional language. It has so many benefits that will help you to handle situations happily. People face so many problems and difficulties in life which can take them into depression and sorrow. You can easily overcome these issues by obtaining the skill to speak English fluently. There are many institutes that teach you how to use English to your benefit along with Spoken English Classes in Chennai. These points will show you how to handle situations happily with English skills,


If you master the skill of talking in English, then it is sure to make you a confident person. When you master a language like English which has a lot of professional importance, it will increase your confidence level at a workplace. You will feel happy when you are able to solve an issue at a workplace with your English speaking skills. This will ultimately boost your confidence at a workplace and teach you how to handle situations with your English skills.


You should not sit and worry when a problem arises at a place, whether workplace or others. One should know to identify the skills within oneself and use it efficiently to solve issues. And one such problem-solving skill is the ability to speak proficiently in English. When you talk fluently in English you will be able to make people understand situations and also understand what others have to say. Due to this ability, you will be able to solve any kind issues at any place. And this will give you the ability to convert any problematic situation into a happy situation with your English speaking skills.


Fluency in a language not only indicates strong language skills but also strong thinking capacity. And when you are thinking in a language like English which is universal it will help you in many ways. When you think in English which is a professional language, it will create ideas that will create positive vibrations in an organization. It has more influence on our thoughts when our language is strong. To make your language skills stronger you can take up TOEFL Coaching in Chennai.


Many face difficulties in understanding concepts and information due to poor English speaking skills. They face problems in understanding a situation and act according to its necessity. If you enhance and learn the language of English, you will be able to understand more ideas and concepts.

It is proved from the above points that excellent English skills will surely benefit anyone. These benefits will surely support any person under any kind circumstance. These points will indicate why there is a huge demand for English and IELTS Coaching in Chennai. It is through numerous resources that one can learn English language and gain proficiency in the language.

Best Revision Tips

Best Revision Tips

Revision is something that many students work on with so much dedication. After studying all the concepts, students find it difficult to retain the information that they learned in their mind. It creates a sense of confusion when all the information gets mixed up in their mind. Students should revise a lot before they attend their examination. Revision involves a lot of effort in recollecting what they have studied before and retained it. Institutes that offer Spoken English Classes in Chennai teach various techniques to revise. Many students find it really difficult to revise as they don’t know how to revise properly. Below are some of the best revision tips.

Time Table

Set up a timetable for the day and schedule the content you have to study accordingly. Make sure you take up as many breaks as possible to give your brain rest and to make sure that it isn’t stressed up. When you create a timetable you should not give too much time to one concept. A student cannot concentrate on one concept for a very long time. There should be a change in the topic so that the student has a variety to learn.


Food habits are very important while revising for exams. It not only includes the factor that the foods that you take should make you able to concentrate but also should not cause any health issues. You should not skip any meals. Intake of fruits will help you to keep yourself active and energized. You should not take foods like curd which might create sleepiness.

 Morning Study

Many students feel comfortable in sleeping late and waking up late and then carrying out their revision work. But this is not advisable. Starting your revision work in the early morning is the best option. This is one thing that every student should and is sure to be successful. The fresh air and subtleness during the early morning time will give you a really good start to revise your lessons. It is known to energize you. IELTS Coaching in Chennai gives a lot of importance for this time of the day to prepare for examinations.


Space or location of study is very much crucial during your revision time. You should have a peaceful location to sit and revise. It should not be a messed up location. There should not be any disturbance or distractions like unwanted noises or sounds. Uninterrupted hours of study and revision will surely make you score higher.

Past Paper

This is one best way for revising for your examinations. You should try to work on and answer the questions in the past question papers. You should try to write mock tests and do self-analysis as on where you are going wrong. This will help you to identify your strong and weak points.

Examinations are very crucial in everyone’s life. You will have to carefully revise each and every concept to make sure you get high scores. The above-mentioned tips will let you know how to revise for your examinations. The institutes that provide TOEFL Training in Chennai train their students based on these values and tips.

Vocabulary with food for IELTS & TOEFL

Vocabulary with Food for IELTS & TOEFL

Food has become something that is more than just a necessity. It has become an area of exploration for the people of current times. It has given way to many opportunities to many people. Like various other fields, the food industry also has many words that we may not be aware of. Many people talk about food and discuss it with so much enthusiasm. If you are planning to pursue a career in the food industry these words might help you. For people pursuing their IELTS and TOEFL will have to face questions regarding food in the speaking session. This article will talk on the vital aspects of vocabulary with food for IELTS & TOEFL and will be helpful for TOEFL Coaching in Chennai. These questions will test your English speaking skill based on certain conversations related to food. We can go on question basis

What kind of food do you like/dislike?

You can use the expression ‘I really like….’ to convey that you have liking towards one particular food very much. But while using the word ‘dish’ you should be very careful because the word indicates or means a cooked food item. Another expression that can be used for this question is ‘I’m keen on….’. Another expression used when comparing two food items is ‘I prefer pizza to burger’ or ‘I’d rather eat pasta than sushi .’ These expressions can be converted into negative sense by adding ‘Don’t’ in these sentences.

Describe your favorite dish

This is a very common question in IELTS examination. While describing your favorite food you will have to talk about its goodness and flavor. If you are describing the good taste of your favorite dish you can use the words like tasty, flavorful, divine and rich in flavor.  For talking about the different types of flavor you can use the words sour, sweet, bitter, salty, oily, ripe and spicy. You can use the word ‘bland’ when the food has no flavor. To learn more words relating to a food you can explore the Spoken English Classes in Chennai.

Do you like to cook?

You can answer this question with ‘I can cook.’ or ‘I can’t cook.’

There are a lot of factors that decide our score for IELTS and TOEFL. Pronunciation is one such factor that is very crucial. We would have been pronouncing words in a slang or accent that relates to our Nativity. But when you have traveled to foreign countries, we will have to pronounce in the way that the people of that country understand. Pronunciation is something that co-exists with vocabulary. When you learn a new word, while preparing for IELTS or TOEFL, you will also have to look at its pronunciation. Institutes that offer IELTS Coaching in Chennai stress upon the importance of vocabulary strengthening.

Significance of English in our daily life

Significance of English in our Daily Life

In the present age of Globalization, the English language has become an important medium of communication between India and the world. The English language has a bright future in Modern India. English, as a language, must be studied in Free India. There is an awesome utility of English in the present day world. Learning a new language is very difficult. It takes a great deal of time and commitment to be able to talk properly in order to be understood. By concentrating on the movement of the mouths of the people you, speak to you can imitate these movements. This can help you with the rhythm of speech patterns.

While you speak English, be sure speaking slowly until to learn the language clearly. Your native language doesn’t have the same rhythm as English. Attend Spoken English Classes in Chennai to improve your fluency in English.

The significance of English in training and student life can’t be denied. English remains a noteworthy medium of a guideline in schools. There are huge numbers of books that are composed in the English language. On the off chance that English is abolished today, it will influence the instructional framework in India. Thus, unless and until we make a translate of these books into different territorial language, it will influence training. Yet, this work is hard and tedious for sure.

The communication of India with different nations happens in English language. For a developing nation like India, it is fundamental to be inconsistent intercourse with different nations.

English is an imperative language for between state interchanges. Currently, India has numerous expensive States. Individuals of each State chat in their own language and regularly can’t talk or understand the other language. In such cases, English turns into the connection between these individuals. In this way, here too we can’t preclude the significance from securing English in current India. Students who want to improve the communication can take Spoken English class in Chennai. To improve your Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking skills take IELTS Coaching in Chennai.

Students who need to travel to another country for education will have found out how to English well. In the event that their charge over English is poor, then they may face trouble in changing the outside condition. During the training period, you have chances to correct your mistake, Learn from your mistake. The English language has become more important in every part of our life.

Secrets to Getting Success for English Speakers

What does it take to Learn English effectively? There some regular qualities, for example, stability and an uplifting mentality that will enable you to take in any subject, however when taking in a language, there are some more particular tips that will enable you to achieve your objectives. Here are some tips to enable you to achieve your objectives in English.

Break it down and built it up

To communicate in English well, you should have the capacity to do a few things in the meantime: know (and pick) reasonable vocabulary, utilize the correct punctuation and sentence examples, and deliver the right sounds, stretch. Work on these individual components independently then work on assembling them to make your speech more precise and familiar.

Utilize your Body Language

Non-verbal communication is essential for viable talking, even for local English speakers. Utilize signals, non-verbal communication and outward appearances for clarification or accentuation, and attempt to read what the other individual’s non-verbal communication is saying. Consider your stance, as well – the way you stand or sit can have the effect between appearing to be exhausted or inspired by what your discussion with your partner.

Be Brave 

You require the correct attitude to enhance your English. Look for each chance to work on talking, such as conversing with individuals at parties, moving toward a non-native who looks lost, or simply setting up your hand when your trainer poses an inquiry. Keep in mind, each error is a chance to learn, so don’t fear to make a few slips every once in a while.

Feel Free to Interact

A discussion is an interaction with a group of peoples and includes talking as well as listening. Watch that the other individual is following, by utilizing discussion procedures like highlighting, rethinking, or utilizing articulations like ‘You realize what I mean?’ or ‘Don’t you concur?’ Give the other individual an opportunity to talk and utilize their answers and to enable you to consider what to state next.

Take additional classes

One of the changes that you believe you require additional training and need to connect with other English students, why not join a language class? There are lots of institutes offers Spoken English Training, even in online courses. While taking classes you may get a chance to interact with native speakers.

This is the right time to start your preparation keep on practices to develop your skills in the English language.

Commonly used phrases in a telephone conversation

Commonly used Phrases in a Telephone Conversation

Improving our communication skills is very important. Communicating appropriately on the telephone is particularly important as the person you are addressing can’t see your facial development or your non-verbal communication. They depend totally on what you are saying, and how you are talking, to understand you completely. Learn English the global language which always enhances your career growth.

And in addition talking without mistakes when chatting on the telephone is the key to utilize the correct level of convention. In the event that you are excessively formal, individuals may think that it’s hard to converse with you. In the event that you are too informal, they may think you are being inconsiderate.

As a rule, when you are bringing in a business context (making calls identified with work, accounts, law, well-being or uses of any kind), you should demonstrate good manners by utilizing words like:





While asking a request. When you inquire something or get help or data, you should utilize:

If you don’t mind

Thank you for your help

Likewise, it is alright to utilize a portion of the casual elements of the English language, for example, short structures, phrasal verbs and words like alright and bye – as such, ordinary English!

So expresses like:

‘I’m going to meeting okay’, Bye

‘Hold tight a minute, I’ll put you through

Are superbly satisfactory, as long as the general tone of your voice is respectful and agreeable. one of the chances that it is a greater amount of a casual telephone discussion, at that point an abnormal word to a customer is generally not required, but rather you should in any case talk in a polite way, as it is viewed as aware.

It’s fine to utilize less formal expressions in these discussions,

For example:

“take care”

“no problem”


Another valuable thing to recollect is, it’s ideal to request clarification or help when you’re having a phone discussion than to imagine you understand something that you didn’t. It is completely fine to utilize phrases like:

‘Could you please repeat that?’

‘could you able to talk slowly?’

‘Would you mind spelling it out me please?’

Utilizing phrases like these will enable you to have a more effective telephone to call, and may spare you from any issues later on. Hope this information will be helpful for you to develop your communication skills join Spoken English Classes in Chennai and enhance your skills

Key Points to note in Group Discussion

Key Points to Note in Group Discussion

With an ever increasing number of graduates tossed onto the mounting stack of unemployment every day, the line of candidates for any meeting in the nation has prolonged. As organizations think that it’s difficult to oblige every one of the assets of this far-extended line, a cut off is frequently required. This is the place Group Discussions rule the field. In the present situation, group discussion is considered as a route for mass disposal to channel the rundown of hopefuls. What’s more, subsequently, it is truly vital to set up a decent show, as to beat your buddies in the discussion.

 It is a typical pattern to see individuals who are regularly great at the specialized in technical aspects, demonstrated the exit plan since they think that it’s hard to cross the main obstacle. Group discussion for interviews is not a phase to fight your way through and overcome. It is being looked upon by questioners from many points.

Let your Appearance Talk

Dressing yourself up for the event creates an impression that you are here with a reason. Your looks dependably do some talking. Investigate the mirror visualizing that you are as of now part of your Dream Company, and you are preparing for a critical meeting. This won’t just make you saw, in the gathering, additionally will give you certainty.

Be available in time for the dialog and ensure that you keep up the correct attitude while being situated. Convey a notepad and a pen with you to pen down the critical focuses that are to be tossed in and out amid the discussion. You may now and again neglect to remember the focuses without giving it much thought on the off chance that you don’t note it down.

Know the point

Ensure that you open all ways to the point for the gathering exchange. Examine the theme from all sides and note down every one of the focuses both positive and negative, which strikes on your mind. Have them recorded on your notebook. If you have any doubt in your topic clarified before the GD start. Counting different measurements, references, occasions, conclusions of well-known individuals, and recorded information identified with the point can be exceptionally essential as this gives a feeling that you know about the occasions that occur around you.

To improve your fluency in English there are many institutes offers Best Spoken English Class in Chennai make you of it and develop your skills in English.


Fun ways to learn English Grammar

Fun ways to Learn English Grammar

English language plays a major role in all sectors like Education, IT Technology’s, Media, business and so on. To share our ideas and thoughts communication is a necessity one. The only receiver will understand our message and will make a quick reply for that. Learn English the global language to enhance your career growth. Let us discuss how to improve English learning skills.

Learn English by watching videos

Fluency gives you a chance to learn with attractive videos like advertisements, news, and TV shows. Presently you can discard your dictionary on the grounds that fluency gives subtitles that let you instantly look into any word. Definitions combine different case sentences that demonstrate to you how the word is utilized. Whenever you’re come across new vocabulary make a list on itself. Use that new vocabulary in your daily conversation. “Learn Mode” shows you new vocabulary by utilizing video cuts that are customized for you. How are they customized for you?

Find a partner to make a small talk

Choose on the common topic make a small conversation with your friends. Find friends in social media you may get a native or non-native speakers share your ideas through email or have a Skype discussions in English. Attempt conversation exchange, a free site that enables language learners to an interface for language exchange.

In a language exchange, you have discussions with an English speaker who is considering your native language. Afterward, you get the chance to work on communicating in English with him or her.

Utilize English Resources for Children

Get some English kid’s book and practice from them. The straightforward language will be easy but difficult to take after, and the stories are normally more charming that the sentence structure you may find in that book. You could likewise play some intelligent games to improve your vocabulary skills.

Buy English Joke Books

Buy joke books with a specific end goal to have English discussions, not completely do you have to talk the language. The major thing is you need to understand the language. The added advantage to learn from the joke books is you can know the use of idioms and phrase.

Create your own blog and keep on updating some common topic you may get a feedback for many individuals. Better join Spoken English Training in Chennai they will help you to improve your English language skills with good fluency.