Commonly Made Mistakes While Writing

Commonly Made Mistakes While Writing

Continue looking down and you will discover 6 approaches to decrease the quantity of blunders you make while writing. English is the global language used for communication with native and non-native speakers. Even though many websites is written in English language. Learn English which helps you to open many doors. This post is not only for students! One of the chances that your occupation includes any composition or you an aspiring creator, you too will get benefited by the tips below.

Write first and alter later

We can isolate two sorts of assignments with regards to writing: the imagination of the work, and the adjusting. One requires opportunity of thought and stream. So don’t attempt to do them in the meantime: to begin with, write, write, and write. At that point: alter, alter, and alter. You will show signs of improvement come about than if you attempt to do both in the meantime.

Take a print out after written

After writing your content read it by yourself twice or thrice then only you can identify your mistakes and correct them. Ask your friends to review your content they will help you to correct your sentence, full stop, comma, and punctuation mark etc… once your content is been reviewed take a printout and check once again.

In any case, likewise, make an effort not to be inefficient! Expand the utilization of paper by a border, change the font style and image to your content.

Check your spellings

Spellings may differ from American English to British English many people get confused with the same word.

For example

Loose / Lose

Colour / Color

Affect / Effect

Weather / Whether

Give yourself time

For content, writer stress is the challenge. Keep in mind it is regularly an instance of value over the amount. Write a less content check whether you narrow it in a proper sentence with meaning. Check the grammatical error with free grammar tools available in free version. Write your content clearly so that the reader can understand your message easily.
Get yourself an editor

Find someone to read your content, they will find the errors may be they feel hard to find the meaning of the sentence which was written by you. Make a sentence as simple as possible. Finally, ask feedback to your friends or family members.Make sure your content will be relevant to your topic always place an image so that the reader can be able to understand your content from your image. To improve your writing skill make use of English Coaching Classes in Chennai and develop your knowledge.

Reason to Learn English Language

Reason to Learn English Language

There are many motivations to learn English, but since it is a standout amongst the most troublesome language to learn it is important to concentrate on exactly why you need to learn English. Here we will take a discussion on why English is so essential.  The vast majority of people know communication is important. Eighty-seven percent of our day is sped through communication-related.

Communication is something beyond on having good manners. While you may figure out how to run your entire life without making a speech, you won’t overcome one day without conveying something to somebody. Among the foreign language speakers, English is the most commonly used language. All through the world, when individuals with various language meet they commonly used English to communicate. Attend Spoken English Classes in Chennai to improve your communication skills.

English is normally talked all through a significant part of the world. Individuals in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and parts of Africa, India, and numerous littler island countries communicate in English. English is the regularly received second language in Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands. Communicating in English opens these countries to you and has more job opportunities.

Culture is the language, and language is the culture. Essentially stated, knowing English will give you a better understanding of individuals who live in English-talking nations. Knowing the English language gives you more understanding of how individuals think, live and work. One of the changes that if you don’t the way of English speaking nations, this may cause misunderstand with the individuals what are trying to say.

It is insufficient to simply know essential words and expressions. To convey well in English, you should think about things like tone, non-verbal communication, and outward appearances. In film industry also English language use. If you want to travel anywhere in this world first you need to know some Basic English.

The English language is also important for business. They need to communicate in English with the client and customer to reach the end goal.  Alphabet in English is straightforward, you can learn the alphabet letters with images, make a sentence with that alphabet. English is the language of science and that gives the reason to learn it. If you already know English you can easily communicate with your kids, parents, friends in English. The English language always provides you great opportunities in your career.

Written English Vs Speaking English

Written English Vs Spoken English

Spoken English and Written English differs from each other in many ways. One can easily observe the differences in written English and spoken English as they are used under varied circumstances. Writing English mentions one notification in writings and other such materials in the English language. Fluency in English comes from practice and hearing the conversion from others. To improve our communication in English we need to concentrate on both writing and reading. The key contrast between spoken and written in English is writing in English is content based and communicated in English is most certainly not. Let us take a look at the major difference between these two types with few examples.

Written English

Once we have written anything that cannot be changed if it is printed/composed out, writing is generally stable. Composed content can convey across wise over time and space for whatever lengthy language is still understood. Once you read anything there has a chance to forget that content easily in such cases we can refer the content when it has written. However a few types of written language, for example, texts and email, are near to spoken language.  Writers will not get a reply from the reader excepting in PC-based communication.

Consequently, when the receiver does not understand the message of sending abusively they need to speak each other to get clear ideas here the expectation is every on a need to know both written and spoken English. There are numerous content materials for example books, daily papers, articles, magazines, letters, and so forth. All these material enable the person to know about something. To express our different feelings writing English can be used. There are many institutes which offer Spoken English Training make us of that and improve your writing skills.

Spoken English

Communicating in English is the thing that one hears and uses for talking with others. For an example, you are going to attend a meeting in you are office, during your meeting we all use to speak in English language. This can be considered as more normal because of the fact that the individuals share the ideas what they feel and see. This is why spoken English is not like writing in English language.

The accent may be differing from written English to spoken English American, British, and Canadian etc… The expression may be differing in English during communication. Some of these individuals have never been learning grammar used in schools and have never learned how to write and making sentences in the English language; in this manner, when communicating in English, it appears to be a local language, and their communication in English incorporates a lot of slang words.

For a beginner, it is best to take Spoken English Class in Coimbatore enhance your skills in English language which will help you to open many doors for your career.


Tips to Learn New Language

Tips to Learn New Language

It is difficult to adapt yourself to a new environment or situation. You will have to learn and understand many things to be there. Likewise, you will face many difficulties while learning a new language. It might sound like Greek & Latin initially. But with the below-mentioned tips, one can easily gain knowledge of a new language and also be able to speak in that new language. This blog will provide you with four good tips to learn a new language and gain fluency in it. Not only learning a new language but also becoming proficient in the language of English is also important. One can use TOEFL Coaching in Chennai.


Make sure you always learn from the right resources. It can be online study materials or books. Only if you choose the correct material and resources you will be able to learn the right content. The online content can also contain memorization software and various other software. You can also try to learn from Hollywood movies by observing and practicing the actors’ dialogues. Due to the improvement of technology, the Internet has become a major source of learning for many students and working professionals.


Getting yourself a private tutor is really an effective idea. It will benefit you in many ways. A private tutor will give you the opportunity of learning things and elements with more individual attention. You will have the chance of clearing your doubts more peacefully. It is better to train yourself with a private tutor on 3 hours/day basis, in which you can use two hours of learning and one hour for practice. It will also be convenient for you if you are a working professional.


This is one good way to get prepared for a language. You should think, speak and write in the language. Even if you are not completely able to do this, you should at least make a try. It might be difficult initially but it is sure to give you the desired results over the time. If you find it a problem to learn a word, there are various software’s on the net that can help you in learning them. You can choose from a wide variety of softwares. There are centers available for French Classes in Chennai.


This is one of the best ideas in which you can learn a new language practically. Try to find friends who speak in that new language and practice with them. After your practice sessions with your tutor, you can start finding friends and acquaintances who speak in that language. You can also try to find a group so that you can have group discussions which are even more effective. When you eventually start talking with your new friends you’ll start learning the language more easily.

These are few tips that will help you to learn a new language. These are considered to be few of the most effective tips to learn a new language. It is believed that these tips will eradicate the difficulties one will face while learning a new language. One can gain knowledge in English by joining Spoken English Classes in Chennai. You can learn a wide variety of new languages through our Englishlabs.

Importance Of Strengthening English Speaking

Importance Of Strengthening English Speaking

English speaking skills are ultimately what takes you to a higher position in job life. Knowing how to talk in English alone will not be helpful. It is vital to learn and update your skills so that you can be competitive. One has to strengthen his/her English speaking skills so that he can understand the commercial pace of the market. Below are few reasons on the importance of strengthening English speaking skills. You can strengthen your English speaking skills at a Spoken English Institute.


The way you communicate or talk is something that creates a forever impression. Right from the first time, you meet someone not only your outer look but also your communication is also noted. This is applicable to any person and anywhere. Good English speaking skills will make you attain a respectable position. You can also get an unmatched impression at a workplace with your communication skills.


The interview is all about interacting and communicating. An interview is a crucial situation where one has to communicate clearly and fluently in order to grab the job opportunity. More than qualification an employer will look for strong English speaking skills. Only if the communication skills are strong, one will be able to conduct business activities smoothly and with clarity. To succeed in an interview one has to possess strong communication skills.


Competency is what pushes one to stay in a field or work. Only if you compete with your co-workers or colleagues you will be able to sustain in an organization. When you compete you try to give better results. Therefore in order to give competition to your peer group, you have to strengthen your English speaking skills. When you strengthen and update your language skills you there is much demand for your profile in the job market.


The stronger you are in a language, the more you become confident while talking. The command over a language will be visible in a person’s body language. You will be able to speak only if you have the right speaking skills. Confidence is what makes you attractive to listeners. English Classes in Chennai also helps you to boost your confidence.


In many companies, regardless of your job position, they look for good email writing skills. Email writing is very important for any organization, as it is the main medium of communication with stakeholders and clients. No company will ever want to take the risk of sending an inappropriate mail to anyone that can lead to huge problems. So they hire only candidates with proper email writing skills. These skills also come under English skills.

Strong English speaking skills are necessary in today’s competitive world. It is important to have English speaking skills to sustain. These are some useful tips to understand the importance of the language. IELTS Training in Chennai also gives importance to strengthening English speaking skills.

Vocabulary Improvement Tips

Vocabulary is a very crucial part of learning English. It develops both our writing and speaking skills. Adding words to our vocabulary will automatically improve our writing style. There are lots of ways in which one can improve their vocabulary and ultimately improve their communication. Below are few tips to enhance your vocabulary. Spoken English Training helps you to improve even you vocabulary skills.


If you are interested in expanding your vocabulary then learning synonyms is the best way to do it. When you get to know a word, use the Internet and try to learn synonyms for that word. Usage of synonyms will help you to bring variety in your content.


Newspapers are the best source to learn new words. Read newspapers daily and learn the meaning of one new word from it. Create a list of these words and try to use these words in your daily life conversations according to the necessity.


There are a lot of interactive games that are available on the Android platform. And there are lots of vocabulary-based games that will boost one’s vocabulary in a fun and interactive way. These games cater to the needs of not only kids but also adults. You can also know about the Best Spoken English Classes in Chennai through the Android platform.


Keep a target of learning one word a day and do this. Take a dictionary, close your eyes and randomly open a page. Open your eyes and look at one of the words that are on the opened page. Read the word and then its meaning. Now try to form a sentence of your own with that word. Write down one sentence each day with a new word. This will not only improve your vocabulary but also your grammar skills.

A good vocabulary is very crucial for maintaining strong communication skills. While interviewers analyze a candidate’s communication, the choice of words that he/she uses will also be noted. It creates a vital impression on the speaker and also adds value to what he talks. Various English Coaching Classes in Chennai are transforming the lives of many students.

Tips For Pronunciation Improvement

Tips For Pronunciation Improvement

Pronunciation is a big issue for many people who want to speak in English. There are a lot of confusions that are prevalent due to the various slangs. There are also situations where a word has a different pronunciation from that of its spelling. The way we pronounce words indicates our command over the language. Providing good pronunciation training has been one among the tasks of Spoken English Classes. The better we pronounce the better value we gain in front of the listeners. Here are few tips for pronunciation improvement.


Try to slow down while you pronounce words. When you slow down your pace or speed you will get to know where you are making mistakes. Don’t feel inferior seeing people who talk fast in English. Speed doesn’t mean that they are better or that they know everything. Everyone has his or her own speed in speaking and writing. Talking in faster pace can also create problems to both speaker and listener. Pacing down your speech will give more clarity of what you are talking and give space to think for next.


Whenever you test your pronunciation, record it and listen to it yourself. You should try to identify where you are committing mistakes. Speak loudly and confidently so that the words clearly get recorded. Self-analysis is the best way to understand oneself. The better we get to listen ourselves the better we improve ourselves.


While practicing a speech stand in front of a mirror and observe your lip movements. Not only your lips but also observe your mouth and tongue movements. Lips, mouth and tongue, all three play a vital role in pronouncing a word. Also, watch different kinds of tv shows and see the actors’ lip movements. You can also observe while a person is talking to you. High-quality Spoken English Classes in Chennai provide in-depth training and helps you to understand the flaws in your speech.


Break down the words while you practice to pronounce them. Try to split the word so that you can understand how each part of the word is pronounced. For example, if you are pronouncing the word ‘donkey’ you can split it as a donkey. Create a flow in the word so that you can pronounce the word correctly.

Only when you accurately pronounce the right words, listeners will be able to understand what you are talking. Only through practice one can master any language. You should keep practicing. After learning the rules of a language, speech practice is what is necessary to gain command over it. These tips are also useful in TOEFL Training in Chennai.

10 Simple Tips to Gain Fluency in English

10 Simple Tips To Gain Fluency in English

Listen to Others:
When you want to improve your communication skill in English, it is very important to develop your listening skill. Listening and reading English books and stories will enhance your speaking skill drastically. The best way to improve your listening skills is to join Spoken English Class in Chennai.

Learn Phrases:
It is good practice to learn phrases in English than learning each and every word. When you learn phrases, you will know the meaning of words in each sentence and you can use the same word to any other sentences as well.

Tongue Twisters:
Nothing could help you gain fluency in English as Tongue Twisters do. Practicing 2 tongue twisters a day will help you gain more fluency in English. At the earlier stages you will have little difficulty in pronouncing but when you practice more, you will get a good flow in conversing.

Speaking Partner:
It is very important to pick a speaking partner to practice your conversation. When you go to classes or take up any training, choose a good partner in your class to keep practicing your conversation.

Don’t Hesitate:
Never hesitate about making mistakes, you will improve in communication only when you make mistake and correct it next time. If you hesitate to talk in English, you will never get the flow and fluency to talk in English till the last.

Research New Words:
Get to know more about new and difficult words in English. When you find new words you will get interested in the language and start learning more about it. There are many Spoken English Institute in Chennai that provides guidance in learning new words and improve vocabulary.

Record your Conversation:
When you are practicing or speaking with your partner, try recording your conversation and listen to it next time. Doing this you can correct your mistakes and improve your English next time.

Think in English:
When you listen to someone or if someone keeps talking with you in English, never change their conversation to your mother tongue in the thoughts. Listen to them and understand in the English itself that would be the best way to get fluency in English and communicate faster.

Don’t worry About Grammar:
If you are a beginner to English Language and need to achieve the fluent communication faster, then don’t worry about the grammar. If you keep talking in English you will get a good flow over few days by which your grammar will improve automatically.

Watch English Movies:
One of the best ways to improve your communication and getting a good flow in English is by watching Hollywood movies. For beginners, it is advisable to watch movies with subtitles to understand it and later listen to the audio to get the pronunciation and fluency.

There are many English Coaching Classes that guide you to gain command over the language.To get more knowledge in the English Language keep following English Labs