Ways To Accept Mistakes While Learning A New Language

Ways To Accept Mistakes While Learning A New Language

When you learn something new, it is obvious that anyone will tend to commit mistakes. One should have the willingness to overcome these mistakes with confidence and gain command over the language. Below are some ways to accept mistakes while learning a new language. English Coaching Classes in Chennai has the best training for spoken English.

Learn From Mistakes

This is the first and the best advice to accept your mistake while learning a new language. There is a famous proverb ‘Mistakes are the secret of successes’. This is actually true. When you understand and correct the mistakes you made, you will be able to realize where exactly you are going wrong. Start the learning process from your own mistakes. It is the best way to start off. Generally, we tend to commit mistakes either when we don’t know something or when we forget something. Everything is rectifiable through practice and training. Learn the things that you don’t know. Make sure each aspect of what you don’t is covered and is known to you. And if you are forgetting things then the only way to remember them is practice. Regular practicing and recollecting what you learned before will bring you out of this issue.

Do It Gradually

Patience is what is necessary. Nothing will happen overnight. You should try to learn things gradually. One cannot gain anything or benefit by hurrying up. You need not worry about doing it slowly. You are just in the learning process. You can take your time and gain a good command over the language. When you hurry, you tend to lose details or the minute aspects of the language that can be of high importance. Take your learning process in a step-by-step manner. Finish one part or aspect of the language and then go onto the next one. Give your time to learn well about each part of the language. It can be vocabulary, pronunciation or many other factors.

Have Confidence

Right from the beginning till the end of the learning process, you should trust yourself. You are the best source of motivation for yourself. No one else can create that much impact. When you trust yourself and do things, miracles happen. Even if you commit mistakes you should have the trust and confidence that you will perform well. Never lose your confidence even if you commit mistakes. Just remember that if you are committing mistakes, it means that you are learning something. When joining for English Classes in Chennai, your confidence will be automatically boosted.

Cut Off Ego

When you cut off your ego, you are open to thousands of doors to learn and gain knowledge in a new language. One should not feel bad to ask doubts or accept mistakes. If you hold on to your ego and never accept mistakes, then it is sure that you might not learn anything. Regardless of the age or nativity of your tutor or the people who speak the language you intend to learn, if you drop your ego and learn things from them, then it is confirmed that you are in the best path to learn a new language.

Never Compare

Everyone in this world is different. There are no people with the exact same set of skills. You should understand that you can be lesser in knowledge when compared to another person or another learner. You should never compare yourself with others. There can be some unknown reasons for that person to perform better than you in the new language. He might have started the learning process much before you did. So it is foolishness to compare yourself with another person. You should never feel bad that the other person is performing better than you. You should just accept the fact that you are lacking some skills and also be ready to learn from that person.

When people start to accept their mistakes, their brain opens up to learn more things. If you are ready to accept your mistakes and learn from the Best Spoken English Classes in Chennai, then you can surely excel in the language you want to learn.

Active and passive vocabulary in language learning

Active and Passive Vocabulary in Language Learning

When we talk about vocabulary, it doesn’t just restrict itself to word meanings but also has two factors which are Active vocabulary and Passive vocabulary. Passive vocabulary includes those words that learners understand but don’t use. Active vocabulary is those words that learners understand and use in their daily life for writing and speaking. This article will talk on the active and passive vocabulary in language learning. And this is also useful for German Training in Chennai.

There is a common doubt that when learning a language if, developing the ability to speak or understanding the language is more important. The answer is simple here. Understanding the language comes first. Without understanding a language and knowing about the nuances of it, it is very difficult to gain fluency in that language. The place where you are going to put the language to use is going to be where there are better speakers present. These speakers will have a much better vocabulary. In such a situation, you should have a better understanding of the language than good speech abilities. If you look keenly, we tend to listen more than writing or speaking in any language we use. We use a language to understand what people interact with us.

What is more important is the way you acquire knowledge on a language. Pushing some information won’t work out. Understanding is crucial to language that too in the learning process. When we enjoy and learn things, we tend to understand things easier and retain it for a longer time. A combination of listening and reading for some time and a little bit of speaking is sure to provide you with the confidence to use the language. This is because those are information built on a foundation of a large passive vocabulary. Just knowing a few words won’t help you in mastering a language. Passive vocabulary can also help you in training for IELTS Classes in Chennai.

The main advantage of passive vocabulary is that even if you don’t know words and stumble while speaking, it will guide and help you to understand what the person opposite you is speaking and act accordingly. In this way, you get more time to think and use some of your passive vocabularies. When you understand what a person is talking you tend to store it in your mind and use it sometime later. One can actually learn a lot just by listening and reading. The more you try to speak more vocabulary will be added to your passive vocabulary. When you are in the beginning stage of learning a new language, you should listen to the same content repeatedly. This is because first few times you won’t even know what exactly it means or where each word begins and end in each sentence.

When your brain gets used to the language, it will be ready to accept more information or content on the language. Many people fail in language learning because they know words but don’t understand what the language means. Such in-depth training for language can be obtained through English Coaching Classes in Chennai.

Secrets to Getting Success for English Speakers

What does it take to Learn English effectively? There some regular qualities, for example, stability and an uplifting mentality that will enable you to take in any subject, however when taking in a language, there are some more particular tips that will enable you to achieve your objectives. Here are some tips to enable you to achieve your objectives in English.

Break it down and built it up

To communicate in English well, you should have the capacity to do a few things in the meantime: know (and pick) reasonable vocabulary, utilize the correct punctuation and sentence examples, and deliver the right sounds, stretch. Work on these individual components independently then work on assembling them to make your speech more precise and familiar.

Utilize your Body Language

Non-verbal communication is essential for viable talking, even for local English speakers. Utilize signals, non-verbal communication and outward appearances for clarification or accentuation, and attempt to read what the other individual’s non-verbal communication is saying. Consider your stance, as well – the way you stand or sit can have the effect between appearing to be exhausted or inspired by what your discussion with your partner.

Be Brave 

You require the correct attitude to enhance your English. Look for each chance to work on talking, such as conversing with individuals at parties, moving toward a non-native who looks lost, or simply setting up your hand when your trainer poses an inquiry. Keep in mind, each error is a chance to learn, so don’t fear to make a few slips every once in a while.

Feel Free to Interact

A discussion is an interaction with a group of peoples and includes talking as well as listening. Watch that the other individual is following, by utilizing discussion procedures like highlighting, rethinking, or utilizing articulations like ‘You realize what I mean?’ or ‘Don’t you concur?’ Give the other individual an opportunity to talk and utilize their answers and to enable you to consider what to state next.

Take additional classes

One of the changes that you believe you require additional training and need to connect with other English students, why not join a language class? There are lots of institutes offers Spoken English Training, even in online courses. While taking classes you may get a chance to interact with native speakers.

This is the right time to start your preparation keep on practices to develop your skills in the English language.

Fun ways to learn English Grammar

Fun ways to Learn English Grammar

English language plays a major role in all sectors like Education, IT Technology’s, Media, business and so on. To share our ideas and thoughts communication is a necessity one. The only receiver will understand our message and will make a quick reply for that. Learn English the global language to enhance your career growth. Let us discuss how to improve English learning skills.

Learn English by watching videos

Fluency gives you a chance to learn with attractive videos like advertisements, news, and TV shows. Presently you can discard your dictionary on the grounds that fluency gives subtitles that let you instantly look into any word. Definitions combine different case sentences that demonstrate to you how the word is utilized. Whenever you’re come across new vocabulary make a list on itself. Use that new vocabulary in your daily conversation. “Learn Mode” shows you new vocabulary by utilizing video cuts that are customized for you. How are they customized for you?

Find a partner to make a small talk

Choose on the common topic make a small conversation with your friends. Find friends in social media you may get a native or non-native speakers share your ideas through email or have a Skype discussions in English. Attempt conversation exchange, a free site that enables language learners to an interface for language exchange.

In a language exchange, you have discussions with an English speaker who is considering your native language. Afterward, you get the chance to work on communicating in English with him or her.

Utilize English Resources for Children

Get some English kid’s book and practice from them. The straightforward language will be easy but difficult to take after, and the stories are normally more charming that the sentence structure you may find in that book. You could likewise play some intelligent games to improve your vocabulary skills.

Buy English Joke Books

Buy joke books with a specific end goal to have English discussions, not completely do you have to talk the language. The major thing is you need to understand the language. The added advantage to learn from the joke books is you can know the use of idioms and phrase.

Create your own blog and keep on updating some common topic you may get a feedback for many individuals. Better join Spoken English Training in Chennai they will help you to improve your English language skills with good fluency.


Commonly Made Mistakes While Writing

Commonly Made Mistakes While Writing

Continue looking down and you will discover 6 approaches to decrease the quantity of blunders you make while writing. English is the global language used for communication with native and non-native speakers. Even though many websites is written in English language. Learn English which helps you to open many doors. This post is not only for students! One of the chances that your occupation includes any composition or you an aspiring creator, you too will get benefited by the tips below.

Write first and alter later

We can isolate two sorts of assignments with regards to writing: the imagination of the work, and the adjusting. One requires opportunity of thought and stream. So don’t attempt to do them in the meantime: to begin with, write, write, and write. At that point: alter, alter, and alter. You will show signs of improvement come about than if you attempt to do both in the meantime.

Take a print out after written

After writing your content read it by yourself twice or thrice then only you can identify your mistakes and correct them. Ask your friends to review your content they will help you to correct your sentence, full stop, comma, and punctuation mark etc… once your content is been reviewed take a printout and check once again.

In any case, likewise, make an effort not to be inefficient! Expand the utilization of paper by a border, change the font style and image to your content.

Check your spellings

Spellings may differ from American English to British English many people get confused with the same word.

For example

Loose / Lose

Colour / Color

Affect / Effect

Weather / Whether

Give yourself time

For content, writer stress is the challenge. Keep in mind it is regularly an instance of value over the amount. Write a less content check whether you narrow it in a proper sentence with meaning. Check the grammatical error with free grammar tools available in free version. Write your content clearly so that the reader can understand your message easily.
Get yourself an editor

Find someone to read your content, they will find the errors may be they feel hard to find the meaning of the sentence which was written by you. Make a sentence as simple as possible. Finally, ask feedback to your friends or family members.Make sure your content will be relevant to your topic always place an image so that the reader can be able to understand your content from your image. To improve your writing skill make use of English Coaching Classes in Chennai and develop your knowledge.

Reason to Learn English Language

Reason to Learn English Language

There are many motivations to learn English, but since it is a standout amongst the most troublesome language to learn it is important to concentrate on exactly why you need to learn English. Here we will take a discussion on why English is so essential.  The vast majority of people know communication is important. Eighty-seven percent of our day is sped through communication-related.

Communication is something beyond on having good manners. While you may figure out how to run your entire life without making a speech, you won’t overcome one day without conveying something to somebody. Among the foreign language speakers, English is the most commonly used language. All through the world, when individuals with various language meet they commonly used English to communicate. Attend Spoken English Classes in Chennai to improve your communication skills.

English is normally talked all through a significant part of the world. Individuals in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and parts of Africa, India, and numerous littler island countries communicate in English. English is the regularly received second language in Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands. Communicating in English opens these countries to you and has more job opportunities.

Culture is the language, and language is the culture. Essentially stated, knowing English will give you a better understanding of individuals who live in English-talking nations. Knowing the English language gives you more understanding of how individuals think, live and work. One of the changes that if you don’t the way of English speaking nations, this may cause misunderstand with the individuals what are trying to say.

It is insufficient to simply know essential words and expressions. To convey well in English, you should think about things like tone, non-verbal communication, and outward appearances. In film industry also English language use. If you want to travel anywhere in this world first you need to know some Basic English.

The English language is also important for business. They need to communicate in English with the client and customer to reach the end goal.  Alphabet in English is straightforward, you can learn the alphabet letters with images, make a sentence with that alphabet. English is the language of science and that gives the reason to learn it. If you already know English you can easily communicate with your kids, parents, friends in English. The English language always provides you great opportunities in your career.

Written English Vs Speaking English

Written English Vs Spoken English

Spoken English and Written English differs from each other in many ways. One can easily observe the differences in written English and spoken English as they are used under varied circumstances. Writing English mentions one notification in writings and other such materials in the English language. Fluency in English comes from practice and hearing the conversion from others. To improve our communication in English we need to concentrate on both writing and reading. The key contrast between spoken and written in English is writing in English is content based and communicated in English is most certainly not. Let us take a look at the major difference between these two types with few examples.

Written English

Once we have written anything that cannot be changed if it is printed/composed out, writing is generally stable. Composed content can convey across wise over time and space for whatever lengthy language is still understood. Once you read anything there has a chance to forget that content easily in such cases we can refer the content when it has written. However a few types of written language, for example, texts and email, are near to spoken language.  Writers will not get a reply from the reader excepting in PC-based communication.

Consequently, when the receiver does not understand the message of sending abusively they need to speak each other to get clear ideas here the expectation is every on a need to know both written and spoken English. There are numerous content materials for example books, daily papers, articles, magazines, letters, and so forth. All these material enable the person to know about something. To express our different feelings writing English can be used. There are many institutes which offer Spoken English Training make us of that and improve your writing skills.

Spoken English

Communicating in English is the thing that one hears and uses for talking with others. For an example, you are going to attend a meeting in you are office, during your meeting we all use to speak in English language. This can be considered as more normal because of the fact that the individuals share the ideas what they feel and see. This is why spoken English is not like writing in English language.

The accent may be differing from written English to spoken English American, British, and Canadian etc… The expression may be differing in English during communication. Some of these individuals have never been learning grammar used in schools and have never learned how to write and making sentences in the English language; in this manner, when communicating in English, it appears to be a local language, and their communication in English incorporates a lot of slang words.

For a beginner, it is best to take Spoken English Class in Coimbatore enhance your skills in English language which will help you to open many doors for your career.


Tips to Learn New Language

Tips to Learn New Language

It is difficult to adapt yourself to a new environment or situation. You will have to learn and understand many things to be there. Likewise, you will face many difficulties while learning a new language. It might sound like Greek & Latin initially. But with the below-mentioned tips, one can easily gain knowledge of a new language and also be able to speak in that new language. This blog will provide you with four good tips to learn a new language and gain fluency in it. Not only learning a new language but also becoming proficient in the language of English is also important. One can use TOEFL Coaching in Chennai.


Make sure you always learn from the right resources. It can be online study materials or books. Only if you choose the correct material and resources you will be able to learn the right content. The online content can also contain memorization software and various other software. You can also try to learn from Hollywood movies by observing and practicing the actors’ dialogues. Due to the improvement of technology, the Internet has become a major source of learning for many students and working professionals.


Getting yourself a private tutor is really an effective idea. It will benefit you in many ways. A private tutor will give you the opportunity of learning things and elements with more individual attention. You will have the chance of clearing your doubts more peacefully. It is better to train yourself with a private tutor on 3 hours/day basis, in which you can use two hours of learning and one hour for practice. It will also be convenient for you if you are a working professional.


This is one good way to get prepared for a language. You should think, speak and write in the language. Even if you are not completely able to do this, you should at least make a try. It might be difficult initially but it is sure to give you the desired results over the time. If you find it a problem to learn a word, there are various software’s on the net that can help you in learning them. You can choose from a wide variety of softwares. There are centers available for French Classes in Chennai.


This is one of the best ideas in which you can learn a new language practically. Try to find friends who speak in that new language and practice with them. After your practice sessions with your tutor, you can start finding friends and acquaintances who speak in that language. You can also try to find a group so that you can have group discussions which are even more effective. When you eventually start talking with your new friends you’ll start learning the language more easily.

These are few tips that will help you to learn a new language. These are considered to be few of the most effective tips to learn a new language. It is believed that these tips will eradicate the difficulties one will face while learning a new language. One can gain knowledge in English by joining Spoken English Classes in Chennai. You can learn a wide variety of new languages through our Englishlabs.