Commonly used phrases in a telephone conversation

Commonly used Phrases in a Telephone Conversation

Improving our communication skills is very important. Communicating appropriately on the telephone is particularly important as the person you are addressing can’t see your facial development or your non-verbal communication. They depend totally on what you are saying, and how you are talking, to understand you completely. Learn English the global language which always enhances your career growth.

And in addition talking without mistakes when chatting on the telephone is the key to utilize the correct level of convention. In the event that you are excessively formal, individuals may think that it’s hard to converse with you. In the event that you are too informal, they may think you are being inconsiderate.

As a rule, when you are bringing in a business context (making calls identified with work, accounts, law, well-being or uses of any kind), you should demonstrate good manners by utilizing words like:





While asking a request. When you inquire something or get help or data, you should utilize:

If you don’t mind

Thank you for your help

Likewise, it is alright to utilize a portion of the casual elements of the English language, for example, short structures, phrasal verbs and words like alright and bye – as such, ordinary English!

So expresses like:

‘I’m going to meeting okay’, Bye

‘Hold tight a minute, I’ll put you through

Are superbly satisfactory, as long as the general tone of your voice is respectful and agreeable. one of the chances that it is a greater amount of a casual telephone discussion, at that point an abnormal word to a customer is generally not required, but rather you should in any case talk in a polite way, as it is viewed as aware.

It’s fine to utilize less formal expressions in these discussions,

For example:

“take care”

“no problem”


Another valuable thing to recollect is, it’s ideal to request clarification or help when you’re having a phone discussion than to imagine you understand something that you didn’t. It is completely fine to utilize phrases like:

‘Could you please repeat that?’

‘could you able to talk slowly?’

‘Would you mind spelling it out me please?’

Utilizing phrases like these will enable you to have a more effective telephone to call, and may spare you from any issues later on. Hope this information will be helpful for you to develop your communication skills join Spoken English Classes in Chennai and enhance your skills