Elements of a Good Written Content

Elements of a Good Written Content

Content is what drives the business world. It keeps the world engaged with what the online users are looking for. An ideal content will not only enlighten the readers on the concerned content but also give them a pleasant feeling while reading the article. An article needs to be perfect in all ways to provide what is necessary. The readers for online content have increased drastically over the years. People are looking for content that is more interactive with appropriate information. If you want to secure a job in this modern world you need to have good writing skills. This directly connects to the importance or necessity of communication. Training for improving writing skills is available in all IELTS Coaching Centre in Chennai. The elements of a well-written content are:


Grammar is the primary concern in any content. The first requirement when you write a content or article is that it should be free of errors. All other factors come later. Only when your content is error free it will be easy for the readers to read your article. Grammar is the main area where many commit mistakes. You need to have strong grammar skills to write content without errors. Grammar is the most confusing part of English. Writing is not as easy as speaking in regards to grammar. While you speak your grammar is less noticed. But when you write something there is a product that anyone can see with their eyes. So you need to be more careful while writing.


Punctuation is another important aspect of writing that can change the tone of the content if wrongly applied. Punctuation gives any article a voice or tone. One should know where to apply what. Right punctuation at the right place will make it easy for the readers to understand the content and its flow. The way each line of a content is read depends upon punctuation.


Creativity takes an article to the next level. It improves the experience that the readers gain from reading the article. Creativity means writing innovatively and aesthetically. The writer needs have a creative thinking in order to write creative content. If you write a content creatively, readers will be impressed as it will offer them something different. The importance of creativity is what is stressed upon even in the Best Spoken English Class in Chennai.


Vocabulary is another crucial part of writing content. Usage of new words attracts the attention of readers easily. Usage of unique and new words will give a variety in the content and imply on the explorative attitude of the writer. An article will get a style only when it has used certain unusual or new words. To know more on how to improve and practice vocabulary, refer our ‘Vocabulary Practice Tips’ article.


A content should be unique in all manners. It should not be copied from some other article or content. One should make sure that his/her content is unique and free of plagiarism. People prefer to read content that is unique and new.

The above points tell what necessary attributes of a good content are. The combination of these elements makes a content attractive and improve our writing skills. Writing skills are essential to anyone regardless of their profession. This is due to the demand for communication, both in India and abroad. When you join for a TOEFL Course in Chennai, you will not only learn to speak English but also write in English.