Active and passive vocabulary in language learning

Active and Passive Vocabulary in Language Learning

When we talk about vocabulary, it doesn’t just restrict itself to word meanings but also has two factors which are Active vocabulary and Passive vocabulary. Passive vocabulary includes those words that learners understand but don’t use. Active vocabulary is those words that learners understand and use in their daily life for writing and speaking. This article will talk on the active and passive vocabulary in language learning. And this is also useful for German Training in Chennai.

There is a common doubt that when learning a language if, developing the ability to speak or understanding the language is more important. The answer is simple here. Understanding the language comes first. Without understanding a language and knowing about the nuances of it, it is very difficult to gain fluency in that language. The place where you are going to put the language to use is going to be where there are better speakers present. These speakers will have a much better vocabulary. In such a situation, you should have a better understanding of the language than good speech abilities. If you look keenly, we tend to listen more than writing or speaking in any language we use. We use a language to understand what people interact with us.

What is more important is the way you acquire knowledge on a language. Pushing some information won’t work out. Understanding is crucial to language that too in the learning process. When we enjoy and learn things, we tend to understand things easier and retain it for a longer time. A combination of listening and reading for some time and a little bit of speaking is sure to provide you with the confidence to use the language. This is because those are information built on a foundation of a large passive vocabulary. Just knowing a few words won’t help you in mastering a language. Passive vocabulary can also help you in training for IELTS Classes in Chennai.

The main advantage of passive vocabulary is that even if you don’t know words and stumble while speaking, it will guide and help you to understand what the person opposite you is speaking and act accordingly. In this way, you get more time to think and use some of your passive vocabularies. When you understand what a person is talking you tend to store it in your mind and use it sometime later. One can actually learn a lot just by listening and reading. The more you try to speak more vocabulary will be added to your passive vocabulary. When you are in the beginning stage of learning a new language, you should listen to the same content repeatedly. This is because first few times you won’t even know what exactly it means or where each word begins and end in each sentence.

When your brain gets used to the language, it will be ready to accept more information or content on the language. Many people fail in language learning because they know words but don’t understand what the language means. Such in-depth training for language can be obtained through English Coaching Classes in Chennai.

Vocabulary Improvement Tips

Vocabulary is a very crucial part of learning English. It develops both our writing and speaking skills. Adding words to our vocabulary will automatically improve our writing style. There are lots of ways in which one can improve their vocabulary and ultimately improve their communication. Below are few tips to enhance your vocabulary. Spoken English Training helps you to improve even you vocabulary skills.


If you are interested in expanding your vocabulary then learning synonyms is the best way to do it. When you get to know a word, use the Internet and try to learn synonyms for that word. Usage of synonyms will help you to bring variety in your content.


Newspapers are the best source to learn new words. Read newspapers daily and learn the meaning of one new word from it. Create a list of these words and try to use these words in your daily life conversations according to the necessity.


There are a lot of interactive games that are available on the Android platform. And there are lots of vocabulary-based games that will boost one’s vocabulary in a fun and interactive way. These games cater to the needs of not only kids but also adults. You can also know about the Best Spoken English Classes in Chennai through the Android platform.


Keep a target of learning one word a day and do this. Take a dictionary, close your eyes and randomly open a page. Open your eyes and look at one of the words that are on the opened page. Read the word and then its meaning. Now try to form a sentence of your own with that word. Write down one sentence each day with a new word. This will not only improve your vocabulary but also your grammar skills.

A good vocabulary is very crucial for maintaining strong communication skills. While interviewers analyze a candidate’s communication, the choice of words that he/she uses will also be noted. It creates a vital impression on the speaker and also adds value to what he talks. Various English Coaching Classes in Chennai are transforming the lives of many students.