Active and passive vocabulary in language learning

Active and Passive Vocabulary in Language Learning

When we talk about vocabulary, it doesn’t just restrict itself to word meanings but also has two factors which are Active vocabulary and Passive vocabulary. Passive vocabulary includes those words that learners understand but don’t use. Active vocabulary is those words that learners understand and use in their daily life for writing and speaking. This article will talk on the active and passive vocabulary in language learning. And this is also useful for German Training in Chennai.

There is a common doubt that when learning a language if, developing the ability to speak or understanding the language is more important. The answer is simple here. Understanding the language comes first. Without understanding a language and knowing about the nuances of it, it is very difficult to gain fluency in that language. The place where you are going to put the language to use is going to be where there are better speakers present. These speakers will have a much better vocabulary. In such a situation, you should have a better understanding of the language than good speech abilities. If you look keenly, we tend to listen more than writing or speaking in any language we use. We use a language to understand what people interact with us.

What is more important is the way you acquire knowledge on a language. Pushing some information won’t work out. Understanding is crucial to language that too in the learning process. When we enjoy and learn things, we tend to understand things easier and retain it for a longer time. A combination of listening and reading for some time and a little bit of speaking is sure to provide you with the confidence to use the language. This is because those are information built on a foundation of a large passive vocabulary. Just knowing a few words won’t help you in mastering a language. Passive vocabulary can also help you in training for IELTS Classes in Chennai.

The main advantage of passive vocabulary is that even if you don’t know words and stumble while speaking, it will guide and help you to understand what the person opposite you is speaking and act accordingly. In this way, you get more time to think and use some of your passive vocabularies. When you understand what a person is talking you tend to store it in your mind and use it sometime later. One can actually learn a lot just by listening and reading. The more you try to speak more vocabulary will be added to your passive vocabulary. When you are in the beginning stage of learning a new language, you should listen to the same content repeatedly. This is because first few times you won’t even know what exactly it means or where each word begins and end in each sentence.

When your brain gets used to the language, it will be ready to accept more information or content on the language. Many people fail in language learning because they know words but don’t understand what the language means. Such in-depth training for language can be obtained through English Coaching Classes in Chennai.

Importance of Reading and Writing for Career

Importance of Reading and Writing for Career

Reading and listening are two powerful elements of a language. These elements have to be strong in order to survive in the current economy which has so much demand for content and communication. Researchers have proved that reading and writing play an important role in the development of children. There is no guarantee that every educated person will get a job. There are researchers and statistics that show that the degree of literacy of a person can decide if he/she gets a job. More than educational qualifications, these two factors might play a major role in deciding a person’s employment. Basic skills like knowing to read and write well will help companies to decide on how well you will mingle into their company setup and also the general society. Even if you consider technical jobs, don’t think that just technical knowledge can take you places. The importance of reading and writing for a career is really high. To deal with and organize technical content you need to have tremendous reading skills so that you are capable of understanding the technical content. Even if you look into the syllabus of IELTS Course in Chennai, it will have high importance for reading and writing.

Listening and reading are very closely connected. People who don’t read well also have an issue in understanding sounds to a certain level. When you understand that improving reading and writing skills means improving vocabulary skills, it indicates that you are aware of what to learn and how to learn. One should be willing to sacrifice anything in the process of learning. it can mean sacrificing the time for play or the time with family. Many well-educated people do poor jobs. Also, there are cases where uneducated people hold really good jobs. There are people who have bad reading abilities and still hold some of the best positions in an organization and do really well in what they are good at, being at high managerial positions.

Good writing skills are crucial at every stage of career. Right from writing your cover letter and resume to writing your resignation letter, each and every situation demands good writing skills, regardless of the field of work. Writing becomes for crucial for administrative professionals who have to deal with a lot of written communication on regular basis. Surveys have shown that better writing skills can take you up your career ladder. Good writing and reading skills are known to bring promotions. Make sure you look into factors like spelling, grammar, and punctuation. TOEFL Training in Chennai stresses upon the importance of writing and the examination has a separate writing section.

Better reading and writing skills are known to improve vocabulary skills which ultimately will broaden your knowledge. At every stage of life, we are advised on the importance of reading and writing. But we ignore them. Getting trained and certified from a well reputed Spoken English Training Institute in Chennai can assure the best results. There might be many institutes that offer training but what is important is the quality and the effectiveness of teaching.

Tips To Boost Your Productivity At Workplace

Tips to Boost your Productivity at Workplace

Work is one stage in which we spent most of our life. We need to put on our best to shine and achieve the best in our career. Productivity is what is necessary at a workplace. Productivity has to be at the right level to provide for what the company wants from us. Productivity is the usage of right resources effectively and efficiently to deliver what is necessary. If an employee is not producing it will affect the company’s performance and it might feel that there is no use of hiring that employee. To know about tips to boost your productivity at the workplace you can read through this article and also join for Spoken English Classes in Chennai.


You will have to make your morning time perfect in order to make your day the best because it is the start of the day. The activities that you do in that time will have an effect on all the activities you do that day. One should take steps to prepare his/her body for the day’s tasks. You can do yoga, exercise, play games or meditate. This time is for you and only you so utilize it to the best to prepare yourself and provide your body and mind what it requires. Take this time to eat a nice and healthy breakfast.


An email is an important form of communication in the business world. Major initial procedures and intimations are made through email. It is necessary to have proper email writing skills. If an employee doesn’t have proper email writing skills or know it will lead to huge problems in the relationship between the company and the stakeholders. There are certain email etiquettes that one should follow while writing emails on a professional basis. You are taught about email writing in IELTS Coaching in Chennai.


Many people believe that multitasking is a skill. They feel proud in adding the statement that they are good at multitasking. This is actually not true. A major research has proved that multitasking has reduced one’s IQ level. The research showed that multitasking can reduce productivity by 40%. Multitasking is not an efficient way of handling tasks. It is better to concentrate on one task at a time.


Time is very precious. In a business meeting, so much of time is wasted. Scheduling for a business meeting is very crucial. If a meeting is planned, it should start and end at the decided time. You should be aware that business meetings can drag on for a very long time.


Breaks are necessary to give your brain some relaxation. If you put yourself to continuous work it might affect your productivity. You need to give rest to both your physical and mental state.

We have to make sure that productivity is present in everyone in an organization. Productivity is actually a combination of many attributes.  You can refer the above points to know more. With many institutes offering TOEFL Training in Chennai, you can learn a lot more tips like these.

Vocabulary with food for IELTS & TOEFL

Vocabulary with Food for IELTS & TOEFL

Food has become something that is more than just a necessity. It has become an area of exploration for the people of current times. It has given way to many opportunities to many people. Like various other fields, the food industry also has many words that we may not be aware of. Many people talk about food and discuss it with so much enthusiasm. If you are planning to pursue a career in the food industry these words might help you. For people pursuing their IELTS and TOEFL will have to face questions regarding food in the speaking session. This article will talk on the vital aspects of vocabulary with food for IELTS & TOEFL and will be helpful for TOEFL Coaching in Chennai. These questions will test your English speaking skill based on certain conversations related to food. We can go on question basis

What kind of food do you like/dislike?

You can use the expression ‘I really like….’ to convey that you have liking towards one particular food very much. But while using the word ‘dish’ you should be very careful because the word indicates or means a cooked food item. Another expression that can be used for this question is ‘I’m keen on….’. Another expression used when comparing two food items is ‘I prefer pizza to burger’ or ‘I’d rather eat pasta than sushi .’ These expressions can be converted into negative sense by adding ‘Don’t’ in these sentences.

Describe your favorite dish

This is a very common question in IELTS examination. While describing your favorite food you will have to talk about its goodness and flavor. If you are describing the good taste of your favorite dish you can use the words like tasty, flavorful, divine and rich in flavor.  For talking about the different types of flavor you can use the words sour, sweet, bitter, salty, oily, ripe and spicy. You can use the word ‘bland’ when the food has no flavor. To learn more words relating to a food you can explore the Spoken English Classes in Chennai.

Do you like to cook?

You can answer this question with ‘I can cook.’ or ‘I can’t cook.’

There are a lot of factors that decide our score for IELTS and TOEFL. Pronunciation is one such factor that is very crucial. We would have been pronouncing words in a slang or accent that relates to our Nativity. But when you have traveled to foreign countries, we will have to pronounce in the way that the people of that country understand. Pronunciation is something that co-exists with vocabulary. When you learn a new word, while preparing for IELTS or TOEFL, you will also have to look at its pronunciation. Institutes that offer IELTS Coaching in Chennai stress upon the importance of vocabulary strengthening.