Body Language Mistakes to Avoid

Body Language Mistakes to Avoid

Many fail to understand the importance of body language. Body language plays a vital role in creating impressions in the mind of people around you. Body language mistakes are mostly committed unconsciously or unknowingly. These mistakes are committed in situations where one wants to control the pressure within him/her so that it is not openly visible to people near him/her. But this is not right and if continued will put a bad impression on the concerned person. To gain a high reputation from your peers and superiors in your professional world, you need to avoid these mistakes.  This article will tell you about the body language mistakes to be avoided. Also what you can see in an IELTS Coaching Centre in Chennai is also the training for the betterment of one’s body language.

Crossed Arms

Crossing your arms is really a big body language mistake that many commits. This is something that gets noticed very easily. It is seen as a defensive body language and gives the thought that you are being resistant. It might convey that you are not enthusiastic or sure in the content that you are speaking. It brings a kind of distance between the speaker and the listeners.

Hand Movements

When you interact or present something in front many people you tend to make hand movements knowingly or unknowingly. Many speakers make hand gestures and movements that can cause a hindrance to the concentration of the audience. It is necessary to avoid any hand movements or gestures so that people don’t feel disconnected with the speaker. Some of the hand movements and gestures that should be avoided include keeping your hands in your pockets, clasping your hands, fidgeting or even hiding your hands behind your back. All these can convey a sort of disrespect towards your audience which is not appropriate.

Avoiding Eye Contact

Many speakers fail to give thought to this vital body language while speaking or interacting. The eye is the ultimate doorway to a person’s mind and thoughts. We can easily analyze a person just by looking at his eyes. We can understand what state of mind he is in and the exact enthusiasm he has in interacting. It is very much crucial to maintaining eye contact with the audience so that you stay connected. The audience looks for some kind of interaction. One should never try to avoid eye contact and if you do so people might feel that you are not interested in talking. If you look at the content of the TOEFL Preparation Course, it will be mentioned that eye contact helps to improve a person’s interactivity.

Weak Handshakes

The first impression is the best impression. This proverb is actually very connected to the body language of handshaking. When you first meet a person you should not create a boring or lazy impression on yourself. Giving a firm and confident hand shake is quite important to state that you are enthusiastic and that you are up for something very interesting.

It is not only what you present but also how you present it that gives you an everlasting impression. The world is running for something that is more interesting not only on the inside but also on the outside. You need to make sure that you don’t commit any mistakes in your body language. Also, you need to prepare yourself with the best body language techniques from the Best Spoken English Class in Chennai.


Improve your English Speaking Skills

6 Ways to Improve your English Speaking Skills

Speaking in English is very difficult to many even though they have mastered numerous vocabulary and also strong grammar skills. In this article, you will see the 6 ways to improve your English speaking skills. IELTS Classes in Chennai states that many students approach them with the need of improving their English speaking.

Slow Down

The pace of which one speaks or communicates is very important in any given situation. The speed of your speech decides the clarity of the content that you are conveying. You need to pay attention to the pace of your speech. You should not go extremely slow or extreme fast. If you talk in a slow pace the people who are listening to you might the content to be boring. And if you talk about a faster speed people might not understand you. In both the cases, the communication becomes ineffective. You should not hesitate to speak. You should speak confidently even if you commit mistakes.

Thought Process

The thought process is very much crucial when communicating in the language of English. You should try to analyze what you are going to speak before letting out. This helps you to bring quality in the content that you speak. People prefer to listen to content that is well thought and useful to them in multiple ways. Thinking also helps you to see and feel what you are actually letting out as words. It helps you to rectify the mistakes, either grammatical or vocabulary, in the message that you are speaking. There is a chance that positivity gets inhibited into the content that you want to speak. If you find it difficult to find time in between your speech to think on a topic, you can use certain fixed phrases or fixed questions that you can repeat in your sentence which can give a considerably high amount of time to think. Some examples of such phrases are ‘Let me think for a moment’. Spoken English Course in Chennai has huge demand because it includes training for speaking in English.

Learn Sentences

While speaking in the language of English, you will have to take care of the sentences that you use. You will have to learn new words in order to speak fluently and with a style. Using new words will make a nice impression in the mind of people listening to you. But learning new words alone won’t help. You will have to learn where to use these words in order to make meaningful sentences.

Learn by Listening

Listening is one good tool to improve your speaking. Speaking is through an activity from your side, you can also learn by listening to others.


One should never hesitate to ask questions while speaking to someone. Asking questions is a vital part of English speaking and will make your communication healthier. It has certain other benefits also. If you don’t ask questions it might imply that only there is one side speaking.


The best way to produce a language is to actually by practicing it. Only when you find people and interact with them in the language of English you will be able to master it.

Speaking in English becomes important in many stages of life. These tips will help you to gain utmost knowledge on the best ways in which you can improve your English speaking skills. Such ideas and information can be gained even from the TOEFL Coaching Centres in Chennai.

Handle Situations Happily With English Skills

Handle Situations Happily With English Skills

English is a language that is prominent in various walks of life. It has seen so many changes and also witnessed importance at various places. It is known to be a professional language. It has so many benefits that will help you to handle situations happily. People face so many problems and difficulties in life which can take them into depression and sorrow. You can easily overcome these issues by obtaining the skill to speak English fluently. There are many institutes that teach you how to use English to your benefit along with Spoken English Classes in Chennai. These points will show you how to handle situations happily with English skills,


If you master the skill of talking in English, then it is sure to make you a confident person. When you master a language like English which has a lot of professional importance, it will increase your confidence level at a workplace. You will feel happy when you are able to solve an issue at a workplace with your English speaking skills. This will ultimately boost your confidence at a workplace and teach you how to handle situations with your English skills.


You should not sit and worry when a problem arises at a place, whether workplace or others. One should know to identify the skills within oneself and use it efficiently to solve issues. And one such problem-solving skill is the ability to speak proficiently in English. When you talk fluently in English you will be able to make people understand situations and also understand what others have to say. Due to this ability, you will be able to solve any kind issues at any place. And this will give you the ability to convert any problematic situation into a happy situation with your English speaking skills.


Fluency in a language not only indicates strong language skills but also strong thinking capacity. And when you are thinking in a language like English which is universal it will help you in many ways. When you think in English which is a professional language, it will create ideas that will create positive vibrations in an organization. It has more influence on our thoughts when our language is strong. To make your language skills stronger you can take up TOEFL Coaching in Chennai.


Many face difficulties in understanding concepts and information due to poor English speaking skills. They face problems in understanding a situation and act according to its necessity. If you enhance and learn the language of English, you will be able to understand more ideas and concepts.

It is proved from the above points that excellent English skills will surely benefit anyone. These benefits will surely support any person under any kind circumstance. These points will indicate why there is a huge demand for English and IELTS Coaching in Chennai. It is through numerous resources that one can learn English language and gain proficiency in the language.