Elements of a Good Written Content

Elements of a Good Written Content

Content is what drives the business world. It keeps the world engaged with what the online users are looking for. An ideal content will not only enlighten the readers on the concerned content but also give them a pleasant feeling while reading the article. An article needs to be perfect in all ways to provide what is necessary. The readers for online content have increased drastically over the years. People are looking for content that is more interactive with appropriate information. If you want to secure a job in this modern world you need to have good writing skills. This directly connects to the importance or necessity of communication. Training for improving writing skills is available in all IELTS Coaching Centre in Chennai. The elements of a well-written content are:


Grammar is the primary concern in any content. The first requirement when you write a content or article is that it should be free of errors. All other factors come later. Only when your content is error free it will be easy for the readers to read your article. Grammar is the main area where many commit mistakes. You need to have strong grammar skills to write content without errors. Grammar is the most confusing part of English. Writing is not as easy as speaking in regards to grammar. While you speak your grammar is less noticed. But when you write something there is a product that anyone can see with their eyes. So you need to be more careful while writing.


Punctuation is another important aspect of writing that can change the tone of the content if wrongly applied. Punctuation gives any article a voice or tone. One should know where to apply what. Right punctuation at the right place will make it easy for the readers to understand the content and its flow. The way each line of a content is read depends upon punctuation.


Creativity takes an article to the next level. It improves the experience that the readers gain from reading the article. Creativity means writing innovatively and aesthetically. The writer needs have a creative thinking in order to write creative content. If you write a content creatively, readers will be impressed as it will offer them something different. The importance of creativity is what is stressed upon even in the Best Spoken English Class in Chennai.


Vocabulary is another crucial part of writing content. Usage of new words attracts the attention of readers easily. Usage of unique and new words will give a variety in the content and imply on the explorative attitude of the writer. An article will get a style only when it has used certain unusual or new words. To know more on how to improve and practice vocabulary, refer our ‘Vocabulary Practice Tips’ article.


A content should be unique in all manners. It should not be copied from some other article or content. One should make sure that his/her content is unique and free of plagiarism. People prefer to read content that is unique and new.

The above points tell what necessary attributes of a good content are. The combination of these elements makes a content attractive and improve our writing skills. Writing skills are essential to anyone regardless of their profession. This is due to the demand for communication, both in India and abroad. When you join for a TOEFL Course in Chennai, you will not only learn to speak English but also write in English.

Vocabulary with Sports For IELTS

Vocabulary with Sports For IELTS

Sports have become a necessity of today’s life. The fast moving life of current generation has no time for exercise or to keep them fit. Quite lately many have realized this and have started giving importance to fitness. People have started to form groups and communities to workout together. There are also various forums where people discuss exercising and workout. Sport is a trending topic for discussions. There are also various job opportunities in the sports field. One has to be sure of these sports based terms. Also in IELTS which is an important test for people planning to pursue studies in abroad or planning to work in abroad, people will have to learn about vocabulary based on different topics. One such topic is sports. In this article, you will learn about few vocabulary relating to the field of sports for IELTS. If you choose some in-depth Spoken English Class in Chennai you can lot more about it.

Below are few vocabulary with sports for IELTS

BARBELL: Barbell is basically weight lifting equipment. It is used for exercising and body building.

Athletics Track: it is a running track where running events are conducted.

Blow the competition away: this expression is used when one wants to tell a person to win a competition with ease.

Active rest: active rest is a leisure time during which one exercise.

Brisk walk: a brisk walk is a sports event in which participants walk fast. But it is not as fast as a run.

Personal best: the word personal best is used when achievement is made in a sport that is better than anything the concerned person has achieved before.

Strenuous exercise: it is that kind of exercise that requires a lot of physical activity.

That’s the way the ball bounces: it is an expression used to indicate that things don’t go as planned and that one cannot do anything about it.

To be out of condition: to be out of condition means that a person is in bad health or has lost strength.

To be saved by the bell: to be saved by the bell represents an expression where one has been saved by a timely interruption.

TOEFL Coaching in Chennai has vocabulary based on sports in it.

While in an IELTS exam you might have to face a lot of questions based on sports. Some of those questions are:

  1. Do you watch sports on TV?
  2. Do you do any sport?
  3. What is the most popular sport in your country?
  4. Describe your favorite sport?

Sports being an essential segment of many people have so much involvement in many places. The above points show how sports vocabulary plays an important role in IELTS exam. To gain more information on such vocabulary you need to join IELTS Coaching in Chennai.


TIPS Vocabulary Practice Tips

Vocabulary Practice Tips

Vocabulary is something that is in usage in our daily life. Vocabulary helps us to bring variety and diversity in what we speak or write. It is something that is essential for our expression of messages. Vocabulary is of utmost importance for content related people and business people who have a lot to communicate. Companies prefer people who communicate in a style that suits the commercial world. They pay keen attention to even the choice of words that the people use while in an interview. Vocabulary doesn’t mean just knowing new words but also understanding its meaning and knowing where to use it. If you use usual words while talking or writing your communication or message might seem to be boring or ineffective. There are different ways in which one can gain knowledge in new words and use it in his/her day to day life. People in a metro city like Chennai have understood that Spoken English Classes in Chennai is of utmost importance. Below are some vocabulary practice tips for you.

Learn in Group

While learning a new word, try to learn it along with a set of words that associate with it or travel with it. This will help you to understand its meaning and also its usage. If you blindly learn just words, you might find it difficult to use it in the right place. You can come up with new words and use it in your daily life.


Reading is really a very useful exercise to learn new words and to add words to your vocabulary. One can read anything they want. But the main aspect of this exercise is that one should also learn the meaning of a word once he/she has learned or memorized that new word. You should make sure to reach out to a wide variety of content. TOEFL Coaching in Chennai has more exercises for reading.

Little is Good

Learn new words but do it in small portions. Don’t try to stuff your brain with so many words that you ultimately forget them. Learning should be done in small quantities. Learn few words today and few the next and continue this chain to gradually build your vocabulary.


Learn a word along with its meaning. Context is very important while learning a new word. Context is actually the meaning along with where exactly it can be used. Indicating context is best possible through forming sentences.

Words are what that helps you to form sentences and communicate people through different forms of medium.  In such a case vocabulary has priority more than anything. When you interact in an interview, interviewers will surely notice your style and vocabulary. To know more about vocabulary, join IELTS Coaching in Chennai.


Tips to Learn New Language

Tips to Learn New Language

It is difficult to adapt yourself to a new environment or situation. You will have to learn and understand many things to be there. Likewise, you will face many difficulties while learning a new language. It might sound like Greek & Latin initially. But with the below-mentioned tips, one can easily gain knowledge of a new language and also be able to speak in that new language. This blog will provide you with four good tips to learn a new language and gain fluency in it. Not only learning a new language but also becoming proficient in the language of English is also important. One can use TOEFL Coaching in Chennai.


Make sure you always learn from the right resources. It can be online study materials or books. Only if you choose the correct material and resources you will be able to learn the right content. The online content can also contain memorization software and various other software. You can also try to learn from Hollywood movies by observing and practicing the actors’ dialogues. Due to the improvement of technology, the Internet has become a major source of learning for many students and working professionals.


Getting yourself a private tutor is really an effective idea. It will benefit you in many ways. A private tutor will give you the opportunity of learning things and elements with more individual attention. You will have the chance of clearing your doubts more peacefully. It is better to train yourself with a private tutor on 3 hours/day basis, in which you can use two hours of learning and one hour for practice. It will also be convenient for you if you are a working professional.


This is one good way to get prepared for a language. You should think, speak and write in the language. Even if you are not completely able to do this, you should at least make a try. It might be difficult initially but it is sure to give you the desired results over the time. If you find it a problem to learn a word, there are various software’s on the net that can help you in learning them. You can choose from a wide variety of softwares. There are centers available for French Classes in Chennai.


This is one of the best ideas in which you can learn a new language practically. Try to find friends who speak in that new language and practice with them. After your practice sessions with your tutor, you can start finding friends and acquaintances who speak in that language. You can also try to find a group so that you can have group discussions which are even more effective. When you eventually start talking with your new friends you’ll start learning the language more easily.

These are few tips that will help you to learn a new language. These are considered to be few of the most effective tips to learn a new language. It is believed that these tips will eradicate the difficulties one will face while learning a new language. One can gain knowledge in English by joining Spoken English Classes in Chennai. You can learn a wide variety of new languages through our Englishlabs.