Vocabulary with Sports For IELTS

Vocabulary with Sports For IELTS

Sports have become a necessity of today’s life. The fast moving life of current generation has no time for exercise or to keep them fit. Quite lately many have realized this and have started giving importance to fitness. People have started to form groups and communities to workout together. There are also various forums where people discuss exercising and workout. Sport is a trending topic for discussions. There are also various job opportunities in the sports field. One has to be sure of these sports based terms. Also in IELTS which is an important test for people planning to pursue studies in abroad or planning to work in abroad, people will have to learn about vocabulary based on different topics. One such topic is sports. In this article, you will learn about few vocabulary relating to the field of sports for IELTS. If you choose some in-depth Spoken English Class in Chennai you can lot more about it.

Below are few vocabulary with sports for IELTS

BARBELL: Barbell is basically weight lifting equipment. It is used for exercising and body building.

Athletics Track: it is a running track where running events are conducted.

Blow the competition away: this expression is used when one wants to tell a person to win a competition with ease.

Active rest: active rest is a leisure time during which one exercise.

Brisk walk: a brisk walk is a sports event in which participants walk fast. But it is not as fast as a run.

Personal best: the word personal best is used when achievement is made in a sport that is better than anything the concerned person has achieved before.

Strenuous exercise: it is that kind of exercise that requires a lot of physical activity.

That’s the way the ball bounces: it is an expression used to indicate that things don’t go as planned and that one cannot do anything about it.

To be out of condition: to be out of condition means that a person is in bad health or has lost strength.

To be saved by the bell: to be saved by the bell represents an expression where one has been saved by a timely interruption.

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While in an IELTS exam you might have to face a lot of questions based on sports. Some of those questions are:

  1. Do you watch sports on TV?
  2. Do you do any sport?
  3. What is the most popular sport in your country?
  4. Describe your favorite sport?

Sports being an essential segment of many people have so much involvement in many places. The above points show how sports vocabulary plays an important role in IELTS exam. To gain more information on such vocabulary you need to join IELTS Coaching in Chennai.