Tips For Pronunciation Improvement

Tips For Pronunciation Improvement

Pronunciation is a big issue for many people who want to speak in English. There are a lot of confusions that are prevalent due to the various slangs. There are also situations where a word has a different pronunciation from that of its spelling. The way we pronounce words indicates our command over the language. Providing good pronunciation training has been one among the tasks of Spoken English Classes. The better we pronounce the better value we gain in front of the listeners. Here are few tips for pronunciation improvement.


Try to slow down while you pronounce words. When you slow down your pace or speed you will get to know where you are making mistakes. Don’t feel inferior seeing people who talk fast in English. Speed doesn’t mean that they are better or that they know everything. Everyone has his or her own speed in speaking and writing. Talking in faster pace can also create problems to both speaker and listener. Pacing down your speech will give more clarity of what you are talking and give space to think for next.


Whenever you test your pronunciation, record it and listen to it yourself. You should try to identify where you are committing mistakes. Speak loudly and confidently so that the words clearly get recorded. Self-analysis is the best way to understand oneself. The better we get to listen ourselves the better we improve ourselves.


While practicing a speech stand in front of a mirror and observe your lip movements. Not only your lips but also observe your mouth and tongue movements. Lips, mouth and tongue, all three play a vital role in pronouncing a word. Also, watch different kinds of tv shows and see the actors’ lip movements. You can also observe while a person is talking to you. High-quality Spoken English Classes in Chennai provide in-depth training and helps you to understand the flaws in your speech.


Break down the words while you practice to pronounce them. Try to split the word so that you can understand how each part of the word is pronounced. For example, if you are pronouncing the word ‘donkey’ you can split it as a donkey. Create a flow in the word so that you can pronounce the word correctly.

Only when you accurately pronounce the right words, listeners will be able to understand what you are talking. Only through practice one can master any language. You should keep practicing. After learning the rules of a language, speech practice is what is necessary to gain command over it. These tips are also useful in TOEFL Training in Chennai.