TIPS Vocabulary Practice Tips

Vocabulary Practice Tips

Vocabulary is something that is in usage in our daily life. Vocabulary helps us to bring variety and diversity in what we speak or write. It is something that is essential for our expression of messages. Vocabulary is of utmost importance for content related people and business people who have a lot to communicate. Companies prefer people who communicate in a style that suits the commercial world. They pay keen attention to even the choice of words that the people use while in an interview. Vocabulary doesn’t mean just knowing new words but also understanding its meaning and knowing where to use it. If you use usual words while talking or writing your communication or message might seem to be boring or ineffective. There are different ways in which one can gain knowledge in new words and use it in his/her day to day life. People in a metro city like Chennai have understood that Spoken English Classes in Chennai is of utmost importance. Below are some vocabulary practice tips for you.

Learn in Group

While learning a new word, try to learn it along with a set of words that associate with it or travel with it. This will help you to understand its meaning and also its usage. If you blindly learn just words, you might find it difficult to use it in the right place. You can come up with new words and use it in your daily life.


Reading is really a very useful exercise to learn new words and to add words to your vocabulary. One can read anything they want. But the main aspect of this exercise is that one should also learn the meaning of a word once he/she has learned or memorized that new word. You should make sure to reach out to a wide variety of content. TOEFL Coaching in Chennai has more exercises for reading.

Little is Good

Learn new words but do it in small portions. Don’t try to stuff your brain with so many words that you ultimately forget them. Learning should be done in small quantities. Learn few words today and few the next and continue this chain to gradually build your vocabulary.


Learn a word along with its meaning. Context is very important while learning a new word. Context is actually the meaning along with where exactly it can be used. Indicating context is best possible through forming sentences.

Words are what that helps you to form sentences and communicate people through different forms of medium.  In such a case vocabulary has priority more than anything. When you interact in an interview, interviewers will surely notice your style and vocabulary. To know more about vocabulary, join IELTS Coaching in Chennai.